How To: Bypass Mac Passwords with Natural Vunerability

Bypass Mac Passwords with Natural Vunerability
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Hello to you all

I've been reading for a long time now and haven't seen anything about this vulnerability so i thought id post it to make sure it was here

this bypass will only take a couple of minutes with the actual machine but will leave you with your very own admin account and all the power that that brings

I've tested this on a'lot of different macs and haven't found one that cant be exploited yet

you will need to shut the mac down and restart it in single user mode

to do this press and hold the command and S keys as you power on the mac un'till you get a black screen with white text scrolling down it

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this will quickly leave you at the root prompt

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once this happens you will need to type
mount -uw / and hit enter
this command mount the users filesystem at our root directory
then comes the fun part youll need to type
rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone and hit enter
this command removes the file that tells your mac its been run before

meaning that once the mac is restarted youll end up at the startup wizard for first boot where you can happily creat your very own admin account

now type reboot and hit enter

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now we can create our admin account and own the system
enjoy my fellow hackers

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lol cool trick... i personally did not try b4

hacked by Mr_nakup3nda...

Cool :) Does this hack work with Filevault 2 Activated ?

Hello! Good share.

I would like to point out that this may not still work on newer devices, and may require a root password to begin with, but this again can by bypassed by holding CMD + R at the start up, selecting the utilities bar, hitting terminal, and typing in "resetpassword".

Other than that, awesome tutorial!

It does work but if you want the victim to not know that you were there that victim needs to have guest enabled so you can dispose the new account without changing the password from the original account.

Hmm. I didn't know this about Macs, I guess remotely you can't really exploit this and if you have local access it is always game over.

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