How To: Change Grub Boot Loader Background

Change Grub Boot Loader Background

Hey guys,

I am back this time with a small trick. Many of us do not like the old background in GRUB BOOT LOADER, you might be using kali linux or any other linux and using GRUB BOOT LOADER then this is for you.

Step 1: Navigating to the Folder

First of all,open root directory find a folder named "boot"

Step 2: Open the Grub Folder

Inside the boot folder , find another folder named "grub"

Step 3: Changing Background

Now get into the grub folder and place the background you want.
GRUB 2 can use PNG, JPG/JPEG and TGA images for the background.
However JPG/JPEG must be 8-bit (256 color).
And Images should be non-indexed, RGB

Step 4: Updating grub.cfg

Now we need to update the grub.cfg file.To do this open the terminal and type this command "update-grub".

Step 5: Reboot to See the Effective Changes

Now reboot to see the changes you have made.

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Nice work i am just bored of grub bootloader background in kali and always wanted to change it. Keep up your work man.

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