How To: Code Your Own BotNet. DumBotNet

Code Your Own BotNet. DumBotNet


How to use NetKitty?


In the context of this post, you just need to run:

nk -s T,9999

That starts a TCP (that's the T) server (that's the -s) listening on port 9999. The package comes with a man page. It should be available if you install the package, otherwise just type:

man ./nk.1.gz

When executed without parameters it shows the typical usage message:

Usage: nk -shell -hub -os -client ((T|U|B|S),(ip|bt|serial),(port|baud))+ -server ((T|U|B),port)+

Finally, there is also a online tutorial with practical examples.

Hope this helps

Not sure what is happening here, but the code doesn't appear at all and not only in this post. Help?

Please remake this post I want to know how everything works

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