Coding with Typo: Structured Query Language (SQL) Part 1: What Is SQL?

Structured Query Language (SQL) Part 1: What Is SQL?

Welcome to the first coding tutorial on SQL here on Null Byte.


I am first off, very proud to present this series, because it is not only the first programming language I learned, but SQL has never seen Null Byte before, and I will now introduce this to you, and everybody else joining this community in the future.

I hope I will be good at explaining this series, as I hope I also do in my other series, because nobody has told me i'mgood or bad, so I hope i'm good and people can understand what I mean.

What Is SQL?

First you need to know what SQL is!

SQL = Structured Query Language & it is exactly what it says. It's a language that is structured in queries.

You can use it for managing databases only, and you'll need an software to code in it. There are also websites who provide you a way to practice your skills.

If you want a very on point description of this language, I have a video from YouTube you can freely watch here


If you are just a bit familiar with SQL, you'll know that there are 2 ways to pronounce this language. SQL & SEQUEL.

SEQUEL was the name this language was originally dubbed, but because of a company already having that name, it was forced to change its name, which then became > SQL.

You can still however pronounce it in both ways if you wish.

Once again, if you want a little more in depth explanation on this, you can do so here

What I'll Be Covering:

I will teach you the basics of SQL, and show you the most popular commands such as:

and many more

When I am finished you'll be a master of SQL.

I am also going to teach you how to setup a SQL server, but that is far in the future, because you have a lot to learn first.

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Excited to see how this series evolve. Looking forward to Part 2.

What do you mean by "SQL has never seen Null Byte before" ?

A SQL Programmer walks into a restaurant, stands between two tables and says, "may I join you?"

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