Coding with Typo: Structured Query Language (SQL) - Yes/No?

Structured Query Language (SQL) - Yes/No?

Basically, I have been pondering this a bit.

First Off:

I have seen several people teaching various programming languages such as Python, C++, C# I believe, and I was pondering if I should teach you SQL, since I havent seen that here.

What Is SQL?

I will very briefly explain it, just in case you are not aware, and you'll therefore be able to make a decision much better.

SQL is mainly used for managing databases, and is a very popular programming language.

Should I Teach You?

If you want me to start this series, I need to know that there are a vast amount of people who will be willing to learn this, because like many other people on here, we are very busy, and I do not want to invest a lot of my time into this series unless I know it will be going to something good.

If you want me to start this, please let me know in the comments or message me, whatever you feel like.

Also because I already have about 4 series which I have currently on going, and that already requires time to make.

Typo Out.

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I'm interested! I'll be having a SQL class at my university soon and a bit of a heads up wouldn't be bad at all.

Yes please, It would be a great way to integrate information across languages(assuming you can control databases from other languages than the one it was created)

This series sounds like a wonderful idea. I've recently been meaning to pick up a query language, so this is perfect!


I'm starting a course on SQL in universities , it would also be nice to confront a series here on

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