How To: Crack Any Game by Pop Cap

Crack Any Game by Pop Cap

Hello fellow peoples of the earth and welcome to another tutorial by me! Noah! you know popcap make bejewled blitz and zuma and pvz for facebook but what if you want the big games like pvz or bejewled 3 from them but don't want to pay. Then worry not as this simple tutorial will help you get those games you enjoy for free without any trials or limitations! to the startthetutorialmobile

Step 1: Download the Trial

First of all you need to download the trial. were going to use PvZ in the tutorial but you can use most popcap games. Once you have downloaded the trial, go ahead and install it.

Step 2: Run the Game

All you have to do for this step is run the game and then put it into windowed mode and possibly open windows explorer

Step 3: Crack the Game

Switch on hidden files and folders and make your way to c://ProgramData/popcap/pvz/ or something like that

You will see a file called popcapgame1 in the folder. copy this to your desktop. then drag it into the plants vs zombies directory witch will be located in program files (x86) even if you are on a 64 bit pc . then the popcap games directory and then the plants vs zombies directory. right

Step 4: Finishing Touches

right click > properties to open popcapgame1's properties and uncheck the hidden file propertie. then delete the file called PlantsVsZombies close the pvz windows if it is in use. then rename the popcapgame1 to PlantsVsZombies and voila. when you open the desktop shortcut, it will open a full version of PvZ

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I've got a problem in step 3.
How can I solve this?? Plez help!!

Duh, read the message. The file is open in another program. Which is the Plants vs Zombies you already have open. Close that then try again.

i can not find popcapgame1

Plzzz Help

I followed the instructions and it did work. But the plants that are unlocked states that a full version is required to use them........ Need help..... Please reply........

How i can copy or cut popcapgames1 if this file is running in other app (PvZ)? What drugs are using author of this post?

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