How To: Cryptocurrency for the Hacker Extra 1- the Stereotypes

Cryptocurrency for the Hacker Extra 1- the Stereotypes

This is not essentially the next part in the series, but an expansion of previous part about why should you not use cryptocurrencies.

Now I am not really aware of the stereotypes that surround most of the not-so-famous topics, so I couldn't add it at the time of posting that article. But of course, if I ever stumble on any new stereotypes that hinder the usage of cryptocurrencies, I'll add them here.

(Note: Someone I know gave me knowledge of these stereotypes)

(For stereotype #1, 2, I wrote something which was then lost due to a browser error, which are apparently pretty frequent. So the new things ought to be lower in quality than the original.)

Stereotype Count (as of Submission 17 Feb 2016) - 2

They're Illegal

The first stereotype says that they're outright illegal, and that anyone who uses or supports them is some sort of a 'dark' entity. It is also that they're used only by criminals.

Fact: Did you know that the people who live 'legally' always keep their doors open and share all their passwords publicly?

They're Untraceable and Unregulated

'Cryptocurrency? That's an unregulated world, full of chaos. Nobody can know what went where, and they're used only by kidnappers, terrorists and the like.'

Fact: Did you know that using any sort of anonymisation technology makes you an unethical and malevolent criminal, bent on destroying the universe?

Chaos? Well, I'd be fine if such extreme concepts are not used by someone who doesn't even understand them. And that's what I find stereotypists to be. No exceptions so far.

As to this #2, it is covered in part 4 of the series, about 'Blockchain'.


Due to school work, I have paused the series for a while. Next part will come in second half of March, about a month from now, as of present plans.

Did I miss any stereotype that you can suggest me? I'd also like to hear what you think about the ones already here.

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I hate stereotypes.

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Firstly I'll start by saying everyone has there own opinion and every thing I say is food for thaught. Yeah your probably right it mainly is used for illegal activity, but what about the good guys? Positive vs Negative, Yin vs Yang. Just because something attracts 80 percent or more of criminals dont mean everyone is

Everyone can have their own opinion, in fact they must, and that's essential for survival of humans as a species. But what I don't prefer is passive generalization (a term which was meant to be in this post), or stereotypes, and they are, apparently, completely against individual opinions, if you think on it.

And stereotypes are usually not even 80% correct, more like 10% or so at maximum. Mostly not at all. Opinions against reality.

-The Joker

As a sidenote I'd say that the facts are not actual facts, but essentialy just entensions of stereotypes themselves, considering them to be true.

-The Joker

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