How To: De-Freeze Kali 2.0. ?

De-Freeze Kali 2.0. ?

Hello, hackies...
Today i want to give you a simple but effective step-by-step guide to
de-freeze and love again this damn Kali Sana 2.0.
Freezing in Kali 2.0. has one and simple source : tracker daemon.
You simply need to change this values to love Kali again:

  • open the dconf-editor
  • go through : org > freedesktop > Tracker > Miner > Files
  • set up crawling-interval to -2
  • set up enable-monitors to false

After that, in a console, type : tracker-control -r
That's all folk...
Enjoy Kali again...


tracker-control -r gives me an error "bash: tracker-control: command not found"

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