How To: De-Freeze Kali 2.0. ?

De-Freeze Kali 2.0. ?

Hello, hackies...
Today i want to give you a simple but effective step-by-step guide to
de-freeze and love again this damn Kali Sana 2.0.
Freezing in Kali 2.0. has one and simple source : tracker daemon.
You simply need to change this values to love Kali again:

  • open the dconf-editor
  • go through : org > freedesktop > Tracker > Miner > Files
  • set up crawling-interval to -2
  • set up enable-monitors to false

After that, in a console, type : tracker-control -r
That's all folk...
Enjoy Kali again...

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tracker-control -r gives me an error "bash: tracker-control: command not found"

same here also.
please what other commands can replace tracker-control -r.
or what does this command do?

hi null,
this are all the commands available, which one replaces tracker control -r ?

tracker --help
usage: tracker --version --help
<command> <args>

Available tracker commands are:
daemon Start, stop, pause and list processes responsible for indexing content
extract Extract information from a file
info Show information known about local files or items indexed
index Backup, restore, import and (re)index by MIME type or file name
reset Reset or remove index and revert configurations to defaults
search Search for content indexed or show content by type
sparql Query and update the index using SPARQL or search, list and tree the ontology
sql Query the database at the lowest level using SQL
status Show the indexing progress, content statistics and index state
tag Create, list or delete tags for indexed content

See 'tracker help <command>' to read about a specific subcommand.

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