How To: Do a Simple NMAP Scan on Armatige

Do a Simple NMAP Scan on Armatige

How to do an NMAP scan on Armitage to find IPs within a certain range.

Armitage is a gui interface of Metasploit, and advanced hacking/exploiting program. It can be downloaded from and and you will need NMAP.

-First off, you may want to run this command:

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I have had many times where I have to do this command or Armitage wont start due to many errors. So don't risk it.

-Next, you want to open up Armitage. On Kali 2.0, Armitage will be on the left side tool-bar, and on Ubuntu, it will be on the left tool-bar also. So just click it once. If you aren't on either of those, you may want to look into how to start Armitage.

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-This window will pop up, and unless you want to get advanced, Which I don't in this tutorial, just leave it at default.

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-Next, this window will probably pop-up. As far as i know, It doesn't matter if it does or doesn't pop-up for you, as Armitage usually knows whats going on, so just press 'Yes'.

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-Armitage will load up, and start. Don't worry when in the loading window, it says 'connection refused'. That happens every time.

-Armitage will pop open. You can look around, but then take a look at the top tool-bar and click
Hosts>>Nmap Scan>>Quick Scan

-A window like this will pop up. Enter in your range value (range of IPs that you want to scan. A basic LAN scan is as given.)

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(Just keep in mind that this is a very basic scan, and I don't want to get technical.)

-Nmap will start scanning for IPs on your network in the console at the lower half of the window.

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-You will eventually get something that looks a little like this in the top right of your window.

Image via

(keep in mind that you may not have any computers open to attack on your network, so if your learning set up a Virtual Machine (Whole another topic))

-To attack a computer, well frankly thats a whole other topic.(again) I will touch on that in a later post.


-If you get no results from the scan, you may want to try a different IP range. All networks can be different when it comes to IPs.

-If your loading stops, usually it will show you a reason for it, and how to fix it, but try restarting postgresql.

--I will expand upon this as I get suggestions. Please be nice as this is my first post on NullByte. Thank you for reading my fellow White-Hats!

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nice tutorial but it would be better if you could make this tutorial with vulnerable hosts, then exploit it using armitage to get shell on vulnerable hosts..but anyway still a good try and keep them coming...


Hacked by Mr_Nakup3nda

Good first post , Cameron.

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