How To: Downgrade and Jailbreak Your iOS Devices Stock Firmware for the Holidays

Downgrade and Jailbreak Your iOS Devices Stock Firmware for the Holidays

Lots of people are going to be getting the latest iOS devices this holiday season. But what good is a portable device if you don't hack it? Jailbreaking on the latest stock iOS, version 4.3.5, is a bit of a trivial endeavor. Not many people know how to downgrade from this firmware to a firmware that can be jailbroken (pre-iOS 5). If you want the added functionality and the complete control over your device that comes with jailbreaking, then read on.


Jailbreak iOS 4.3.5

In order to pull this off, throw your device into DFU mode.

  1. Plug the device into your computer.
  2. Turn the device off.
  3. Immediately click the top button after it shuts off. Hold it until it turns on.
  4. When the screen lights up, hold both of the buttons again without letting go of the top button. Hold it for two seconds longer after it shuts off.
  5. Release the top button, but keep pushing the bottom one for another 15 seconds. Count, because the screen will still be black and not notify you that it is in DFU mode.

This exploit works by using the 4.3.4 firmware to downgrade the iTouch and then jailbreak it tethered. This means that the iTouch can only boot when it is connected to your computer and "Just boot tethered" is selected in Redsn0w. Follow along with me in this vTutorial on using Redsn0w to hack an iTouch 4G.

  1. Run Redsn0w.
  2. Pick the firmware that you downloaded when it asks.
  3. Just boot it tethered.

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this is the worst jailbreak explanation I have ever seen. IOS5 is standard on all new ipod 4's and can not be downgraded if it is completely up to date with 5.0.1. 5.0 can be downgraded to a jailbreakable firmware but it is a pain in the ass and you have to have files that are on the device when you have IOS4 insalled which you can't do if it's a new ipod that has never had IOS4 on it

Are you being serious? I bought 3 iOS devices for family in the past few weeks. All of them run 4.3.5, stock.

Unless you feel you have done something inappropriate why are you apologizing?

I don't know about downgrading from 5.*.* to 4.*.*, but when I downgraded my touch from like, 2.3something to 1.5.0 back in the day it took all of 10 minutes and the hardest part was finding the old firmware files online. If you feel like it is an unnecessary hassle to downgrade to jailbreak given the current versions of iOS, then perhaps you wouldn't mind posting in the forum a tutorial on either how to a) Get those "missing files" you mentioned so that this guide can be coupled with yours to get a brand-new working and jailbroken iPod/Phone or
b) Jailbreak from 5.*.* without downgrading first.
My two cents.

i keegan is speking of the new A5 chip in the newer devices, its suposed to be putting a huge happer on jailbreaks but we all know how that is lol, but the unteathered jail break io5 is taking a good bit of time, ios 4 may not be able to support the new hard ware im guessing as well but im stuk with my 3gs lol btw this my first stop in learning hacking and stuff, also thank you for showing the d0x i was able to locate my gfs father for her, shes never met him before,she didnt even know his name till today :(

Why must apple be so evil, I have been trying to jailbreak my ipod with iOS 5.0.1 Stock on it and its a pain in the ass because I can not make it work

Used this guide and it worked

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