How To: Download All PDFs on a Webpage with a Python Script

Download All PDFs on a Webpage with a Python Script

Well, this is my first article so if it sucks tell!!

Story Time

Well, story time....yaaay!!!
I wanted to learn buffer overflows and binary exploitation and all those asm

So I opened up a lotta sites and eventually came across a polytechnic website with pdfs and ppts full of that. It was kind of like a syllabus with notes and all. I was ecstatic and then I figured I will start downloading all of it. But then it was like 22 pdfs and I was not in the mood to click all 22 links so I figured I will just write a python script to do that for me. It was awesome when it worked, didn't think it!! So don't believe in yourself. Believe in your code!! Just kidding!! Believe in whatever you want to. I don't care.

Step 1: Import the Modules

So this typically parses the webpage and downloads all the pdfs in it. I used BeautifulSoup but you can use mechanize or whatever you want.

Image via

Step 2: Input Data

Now you enter your data like your URL(that contains the pdfs) and the download path(where the pdfs will be saved) also I added headers to make it look a bit legit...but you can add's not really necessary though. Also the BeautifulSoup is to parse the webpage for links

Image via

Step 3: The Main Program

This part of the program is where it actually parses the webpage for links and checks if it has a pdf extension and then downloads it. I also added a counter so you know how many pdfs have been downloaded.

Image via

Step 4: Now Just to Take Care of Exceptions

Nothing really to say here..just to make your program pretty..that is crash pretty XD XD

Image via


Well, that's it...if you have any questions let me know...I haven't really tested the code because I wanted a clean one. But I copied it from the one that worked so it should...sorry for errors and bad English...thanks for reading to the end and looking at this...also if there are any suggestions or anything to add please let me know...and you can improve it all you want :D But I will like a little credit...I mean who won'


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Great article!
Loving the well commented code ;)
Thanks :)

Thanks :D

Nice article.

Could you let me know the URL of the website you found with the 22 pdf's please? It would probably come in handy and I can also test this out.

Let me know if there are any errors. so i can correct them :) Thanks!

Sure. No problem at all.

Did it work for you?

I haven't had the chance to try yet. Will pm you when I have ;-).


Hey man great article and idea for a script!

I was testing it out and I got the following error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./", line 50, in <module>
except URLError as e:
NameError: name 'URLError' is not defined

It doesn't seem to recognize the URLError exception. Did anyone else got this error? Am I missing some package or something?


You welcome is possible you didn't import the urllib2 module..sorry but I can't really help without seeing your script. if you can send like a screenshot of it, that will be very helpful.

Thanks again.


You can edit to :
except urllib2.URLError as e:
print "* Could not get information from server!!"

I have a tiny problem with your code...I guess. It works! However it does not download the entire pdf. For example a PDF is 300 kb large and the script downloads only 135kbs of it. I can't figure out why? :( Any help it's more then welcome. Here is my code:

Hi Tibi,

I have gone through your code but unfortunately I'm not really familiar with the requests module. I do think your code looks fine and should work great but from the little I know I think the problem with your code is you only write some part of the files content. In your for loop

for chunk in res.itercontent(999999999):

I think only the chunk part is written not all of it. I think a solution to your problem might be to use a while loop something like this:

while res.itercontent() not empty():

Like I said I am not familiar with the requests module so I can't really help you there but I hope you understand my point.



I was supposed to iterate through current not res. Res is the first url. It was stuck at finding the equivalent of the your modules because I use python 3.4. Thanks for your code. It works like a charm! Cheers!

Glad you fixed your problem. And thanks.

Yeah, I took a look at the source code of the webpage and noticed the href tag wasn't written well but you can put the download part of the script in a try except block....

current = urllib2.urlopen(tag'href')
print "\n* Downloading: %s" %(os.path.basename(tag'href'))_

f = open(downloadpath + "\\" +os.path.basename(tag'href', "wb"))

print "The file %s cannot be downloaded" %os.path.basename(tag'href')

I hope you understand. And I hope this helps you

I lost all my files when my PC crashed. and I don't really feel like running it. Sorry . but if you can send your code. I will take a look at it, and let you know of any error..

Poor you :( . I & my friend have fixed the script.
Source code of that page has comment tag errors so that drive the script stop when parse.


ok...I'm glad you figured it out...and thanks...sorry if i wasn't much help either

I used the normal python IDLE, python is a scripting language so the IDE doesn't really matter. But for the screen captures, i opened the file in Sublime Text. Cos it has beautiful colours :D

How can we download PDF files if there is a login authentication ?

hey i tried the same code but it is not working..
Any help please...
Am just getting I dont know the problem..
I downloaded all the packages..
Is there any problem in entering the download path..
So would be appreciated..

Hi, I copied your script and tried to run it. When I enter the url, it opens the website in Firefox in a new window. What am I supposed to do next?

I have used your code and I got this error.
surukam@surukam-Lenovo:~/scrapy/newtry$ python
File "", line 7
from bs4
IndentationError: expected an indented block.

I have checked in net and i aligned he code with correct spaces. But its shows same error. Can you help me with this pls..., And I have a doubt. I need to with 2 options.

EX: If a website has 200-300 PDF files in different locations.
1.I have to download all the .pdf files in given URL.

  1. I have to download some specific PDF file.

I want to use both option also. If you have any other code for download a specif PDF(search with some keywords) and download that. Have you worked with any other crawling tools.

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