How To: Download & Install the Null Byte Suite

Download & Install the Null Byte Suite

Hello, everyone! If you haven't read the recent announcement on the official release of the Null Byte suite, I suggest you do so. This is going to be a quick tutorial on how to download and install the suite so you can see our communities genius. So, let's get started!

Step 1: Make Temporary Directories & Begin the Download

First things first, we're going to make a temporary directory to house the download. We'll be naming it 'package', let's go ahead and make that with the mkdir command:

Alright, we can see here that we've made our new directory. Now let's begin the download into this new directory.

We'll be using the wget command in order to get the compressed file from the dedicated GitHub repository. This command will give lots of output, so let's just look at the command:

We've used the -P flag, which tells wget where we'd like to put the new file. Here, we've specified our new directory, package. We then follow it with the URL to take the file from. We're using raw GitHub URLs to pull the compressed file down. To make it a little easier, I'll put the URL here so you can just copy paste it:

Let's move on to the installation...

Step 2: Extract the Files

Now that we have a tar.gz file, we have to extract the files within so we can install them. To extract them, we use the tar command, which will look like this:

We give the x and f flags, which stands for extract and file. Let's execute this command and see what files we get out of it.

Alright, now we've got some files. But the only one that matters during installation is Let's move on to the final installation step...

Step 3: Run

When we extracted the files, we got one named We need to run this and it will install the suite for us. Let's run it and see what it does.

After running, we got a bunch of output about copying files to other locations, and we got the final message about entering 'nbsconsole' to get started. Let's launch our newly installed suite by using the new nbsconsole command.

Step 4: Launch the Suite

All we have to do to launch the suite is use the nbsconsole command. This command does have a few flags/switches that go with it; you can enter nbsconsole --help (or -h) for the argument help page. Let's launch it normally and see what happens.

There we go! We launched our new suite! Now we can enjoy the tools of our community.

That's it for this tutorial. There are a few modules that come pre-packaged, so check them out!

Thank you for reading!


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nice job, lookin fwd to put some modules there...

hacked by Mr__Nakup3nda

i would like to study your code in python, thanks


Great idea ! Who will review contributions? :-)

Awesome! I can't wait to start using it!

Hi :)

When i type in " nbsconsole " i get this:

" bash: nbsconsole: command not found "

No big deal, then i type " ./nbsconsole " and i get this:

" root@kali:~/x/Null Byte# ./nbsconsole
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./nbsconsole", line 228, in <module>
File "./nbsconsole", line 55, in setmode
with open(basepath + 'resources/vinfo') as file:
IOError: Errno 2 No such file or directory: '/usr/share/nbs/resources/vinfo' "

Any help?

Solved, just re-installed it.

Don't know what went wrong at first time :/


This is certainly fantastic.

Is there any way that members of the community now and in the future can add things to the repository through you, Pheonix750, or Ciuffy?

Awesome, job!

The explanation for submitting tools is almost finished! It'll be up very soon!

This looks fantastic, and if I can contribute anything of use I will.

Just one thing is bothering me though, why organize the github like this?? Why the .tar.gz file and not just plain code files so the code commits can be seen by everyone? people could still DL the whole thing as a zip or just copy the git repo.. it just would be clearer what is added to the suite.

Great job on this Defalt !

The tar.gz file is only to keep everything organized. There is a plaintext version inside of the updates directory.


HHHHHiiiiiiiiiii Guyzzzz
i m new here and i m also a new user of kali linux
so plz suggest me guyz how to instrall various tools in kali linux

error on executing
print now a function in python version 3

These are written using python 2.7

ok is there a chance in the future that you could release a version for python 3?

Type python2 instead of python

i can contribute by debugging scripts if needed

defalt <8~~~
heres a gift from darknet

no no im just kidding a fan made for you bro

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