How To: Find Hacked Accounts Online ~ PART 3 - Cached Pages

Find Hacked Accounts Online ~ PART 3 - Cached Pages

Welcome learners, lets us proceed further with the information we already have. In this post we will explore more about finding hacked accounts online. We will look into how to find juicy info in pastes which are deleted on Pastebin.

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How to Find Hacked Accounts Online ~ PART 2 - pastebin « Null Byte This is second post in my series of posts for finding hacked accounts online. Please do read the part 1 of the post at In this post we will explore more about finding hacked accounts online, what to look for in pastes, discarding pastes which are not useful, testing sample from pastes, and more. Please note practice is the key here. The more you do it the more successful you will be in finding what you are looking for. Below is the method that I follow when I go looking for information. Overtime and with

Step 1: Accessing Deleted or Private Pastebin Pages

While accessing some of the links from haveibeenpawned you might notice that the linked page no longer exists on pastebin. Instead you'll just get a message 'This Paste was removed' OR 'this is a private paste'. Let's follow through how to still access the hidden data that is out there.

Google Is There for Help!

So you have reached a deleted page. Now think why the page was deleted? Maybe there is something really juicy in there which they did not want the world to see. Yes, we got the boost we need. Let's use google to help us retrieve the page contents that were deleted. Google robots/spiders keep tracking each and every page on the internet and chances are they already have cached data when the page was accessible. To get the details, simply add cache: before the URL in address bar and press enter. Voila, you now have access to the page that was deleted.

Step 2: Speed Up by Saving It as Bookmarklet

Just add a new bookmark in your browser and in the location field copy paste the following code:


Now when you reach a deleted page, just click the bookmarklet and you'll automatically be redirected to the cached version of the page.

BONUS: This Trick Works on Other Pages Too

You can use this bookmarklet to view any cached pages and not just pastebin ones.

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This trick only works if google has cached the page before it went private or was deleted. So I don't know if this is really usefull. Most pastes go on private right away but maybe you can recover some deleted pastes.

Well that is true, but this works for me 90% of the time, I rarely seen 404 on google caches.

I just find out this problem, which may cause by ISP not giving me the content I request.I just modified your code like this:

javascript:(function()%7Bvar crurl;if(window.location.href=='data:text/html,chromewebdata') { crurl=document.title.match(/(^ %2A)/).pop();}else{crurl= document.location.href;};location.href%3D''%2Bcrurl%7D)()

The link I got this answer:

Thanks for improving this, much appreciated!

anything deleted from pastebin will be present on psbdmp, dumpmon, etc.

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