How To: Find the Location of Any IP with PyGeo IP Locator(GUI for GeoIP/Pygeoip)

Find the Location of Any IP with PyGeo IP Locator(GUI for GeoIP/Pygeoip)

Based on OTW's encouragement in his post on "How to Find the Exact Location of Any IP Address", I decided to make a gui(graphical user interface) which would hopefully make the process easier.

However, because turning a python script into a standalone executable is a right pain in the nether-regions, particularly for linux, I haven't yet completed this step(I will soon and update this). I did however, make an apk for android(you use a .apk file to install an app on your android device), which you can grab here:

I know, I know, it's suspiciously large(approx. 17mb) compared to your average apk, BUT, I can explain.. Firstly, the GeoLiteCity.dat(the IP/location database) is packaged in there, and that's roughly 14mb by itself. Secondly, I used the Kivy framework( to create the gui. Kivy compiles basically the whole python standard library(lots of files with code in them), and many other Kivy related items into your apk whether you need them or not. Unfortunately that results in larger than usual apk sizes at the best of times, as you might expect, but I think it's worth it to be able to write android apps in Python! What I'm saying is, there's nothing malicious in there... at least, if there is, I didn't put it there and know nothing about it... haha. But seriously, there isn't.

Using it barely needs explanation, you enter any IP or domain name and press GO. The info will be returned in the window below.

Searching by IP:

Searching by host name:

And that's it, I do intend to have a standalone executable for linux(and maybe windows) as soon as I can figure it out. I know it's not ideal having it on Android just.

If anyone has a problem please let me know in the comments and I'd appreciate any feedback, as I'm sure there are bugs aplenty.

If anyone wants the source code, you are welcome to it.

Oh and one last thing, It might ask for permission to access the internet. It does this to resolve ip addresses into hostnames and vice versa. Thanks for reading! And thanks to OTW for giving me a project for the weekend. Even if no one uses it, I still feel constructive :)

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Could you write a app that find exact location by Number, phone number.

In fairness, I didn't write the code that acquired all this location info, I just pinned it to a gui. However, I'm sure it's possible. For a start you could tell where a number is from by country/area codes etc. Whether you could get a latitude and longitude from a phone number I don't know. And with mobiles, I suppose you could do some stuff involving cell towers, if you had access to them.. sounds more promising, and mobiles can be tracked in all sorts of ways anyway, but again, I don't know. I do remember watching an interesting defcon talk on youtube about this stuff though..

Maybe it can come true in films, the cops always say that tracking and locating the phone number. haha :)

You can track precisely the location of any cell phone, but not with this app.

There is also a Python script on github, it shows the location on a map instead. I used that script in my project too, although graphics are not that cool but that's ok to handle.

@ENERGYWOLF : did u have a choice for GeoIP database ? I mean Maxmind or FreeGeoip? Python script

@stuxnet No I didn't consider any other databases at the time. I like this idea of displaying the location though. Thanks for the link, reading over that now.

well, matplotlib kicks some real excellent graphics if u consider the idea of displaying the location... good work.. :-D

GG, really appreciate the effort. The minimalistic design just works.

Sounds very interesting! I can't wait until it comes out for Linux! (I might even use it on my Windows if you make that.) It has a very good, simple to use GUI! Having a map would be very interesting, it would be nice to see where it is by map.

Fantastic, job! It always fascinates me that people can turn plain old text code into colorful and inspirational apps and games. Maybe posting a tutorial how you did this would be awesome!!!

Hey Energy Wolf, Really great job.
But why have you inserted the option to maximize or minimize the window in an android apk ?
Just asking out of curiosity....

@BravoMike I took the screen grabs from my desktop. With kivy you can run the app on your desktop while your developing it. What you're seeing is a phone shaped desktop window. The app should look the same on an android device, without that window bar at the top.

Excellent Job !!
Great Efforts awesome outcome

Thanks for the kind words all, really appreciate it :)

Great job, looks nice and handy.

Would like to see an open source copy on github or bitbucket, so i can go through your code, do you have plans for that? Great job though

Sweet! Thanks for that one, I have to buy you a beer if we ever meet.

noob here.

would like to put a gui map that relates to google map's but have no idead where to start looking to do this. If someone can give me some links to the right place I'm sure I can spruce up the GeoIP Locator.

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