How To: Find Your Computer's Vulnerability Using Lynis

Find Your Computer's Vulnerability Using Lynis

This is finding some of your vulnerability using Lynis. This tool Lynis is used on Unix and Linux type operating systems (sorry windows). So lets get started

What Is Lynis and How to Install

Lynis is a security checking tool which can help you harden your security defenses. That's what Lynis is. It helps you check your security vulnerabilities so you can change what needs to be more strict or fixed and others (so it makes it even harder for hackers to hack.

If you don't have Lynis you can install you can go download it at their webpage and then install it of course.

Step 1: Open a Terminal and Start Lynis

So what you want to do is open a terminal. Then type Lynis. it will give you the help list. What we want in that help menu is --quick. So now type Lynis -Q or lynis --quick. It should run all the tests without user input.

It should look like this

Image via

Step 2: Now Check the Log

Now after it finishes checking their might be warnings and suggestions at the end. Then it will say were to check for the log file. You want to go to that location and use what ever viewing method you want or text editor to view the log.

Step 3: Look at Your Suggestions and Warnings and Fix Them

Since I don't know what your suggestions will be. I would say try to read what the log says and fix it. If you need any help you can search for it online

So Now You Have Your System Hardened a Little More

Now you can get back to hacking and know that your computer is even more protected from the hackers who hack the hackers. Now go hack the world.

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