How To: Fix the Unreadable USB Glitch in VirtualBox

Fix the Unreadable USB Glitch in VirtualBox

Many users of the virtualization software VirtualBox may have noticed that the USB system has been pretty buggy for quite a long time. I've had my USB randomly duck out on me way too many times to count. This can really be difficult to deal with when you require access to the devices and files from the host system.

How to Fix the Unreadable USB Glitch in VirtualBox

Since this issue is really hard to reproduce and only happens on certain systems, it is likely that we will not see a real patch or fix to this in the foreseeable future. But what does that matter at Null Byte?

Today, let's try a quick and easy trick to solve this problem. We will install a user-created package for the VirtualBox extensions program and then quickly recompile the vboxdrv drivers.


  • Your VirtualBox install must have the VERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND error when you access USB.
  • Linux.

Fix That Glitch!

In order to fix this glitch, we need to install a package in the AUR. After that, we will need to recompile the VirtualBox modules. Watch the video for the walkthrough.


yaourt -S virtualbox-ext-oracle

yaourt -S virtualbox-source

sudo vboxbuild

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