How To: Fun with OSX Terminal

Fun with OSX Terminal

Disclaimer: All information in this tutorial is for entertainment and educational purposes ONLY. You pesky teenagers.

In my previous tutorial, I covered how to make a backdoor in an OSX system. I also covered some fun commands to try whilst the backdoor connection is in tact. Well, sometimes enough isn't enough. So in this tutorial, I will cover many more fun commands that can be helpful, dreadful, or fun.

I will organize this list like so. I will first tell you what the command will do, give a brief description and then put the command in a separate space below like this:

echo terminal commands are fun

So without further adieu, let's get this list out the door!

1. Shutdown Computer

Whether your trying to stop a super secret illuminati government terrorist plot of death, or your just trying to prank your friend Gary, this command will be useful. Thanks to applescript, we can do a bunch of things to the victim computer quite easily. This command will shut down the computer.

osascript -e 'tell app "System Events" to shut down'

The awesome part about this command, is that you don't need to be root or sudo to do this. This will be true with most of the commands in my list.

2. Quit Applications

What better way to get those pesky no good teenagers off their computers and into the world than to quit their open applications! Well, actually those teenagers are awesome and will probably change the world but why the heck not. The following command will quit any open program.

killall (Program Name)

Important Note:

If the program name contains spaces, like "Google Chrome" than make sure you add a back slash "\" before the space like so:

"Google\ Chrome"

3. Computer Coffee!

This is less "fun", and more interesting. This command will prevent the computer from going into a "sleeping" state for however long you desire.

caffeinate -t (Number of Seconds)

4. Spam and Eggs

Okay, it sounds ridiculous, but this is my all time favorite command. It makes the computer talk out loud about different kinds of meat dishes. Just try this on your own computer and you'll see what I mean.

curl -s |say

If you want to add another great effect to it, why not open a couple tabs of potatoes on the computer.

Execute this code after to open a tab of a picture of a potato.


5. Spam, Eggs, and Popups?

This command will open a popup with your desired message. One time I was using python, harmlessly might I add, on a school computer, and the admin sent a message to me telling me to bug off!

What a jerk.

osascript -e 'tell app "System Events" to display dialog "Hello World"'

This command will display, "Hello World", but change it if you would like.

6. Play Music

So your friend has that annoying song on his desktop and plays it all day when you hang out with him. This command will play the music on his computer with no visible way to stop it other than you hitting control c.

afplay (file name)

Make sure you specify the file path if it isn't in the root directory.


There are tree things I wan't you to take away from this tutorial.

  1. How to spell "three" correctly
  2. Don't leave your computer in the open for backdoors
  3. Don't run commands you don't understand

I hope you enjoyed this article! As always any criticism is welcome in the comment section!

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Ah, the fun stuff... :)

Thanks for sharing these tricks!

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