How To: Gathering Sensitive Information: How a Hacker Doesn't Get DoXed

Gathering Sensitive Information: How a Hacker Doesn't Get DoXed

before I move on to more exciting areas in this series, I want to also point out some things to protect your information & how to not get DoXed.

Where Is Your Information?

In order to protect your information, you first need to understand where it is. And maybe even why it's there. So let's take a look at some of your basic information that every persons have.

Full name

Your name is stored everywhere, meaning every social media account you own, and bank accounts, emails, literally everything.

Birth date, phone number & e-mail
This is also pretty basic, and will also be stored many places. Again social accounts bank accounts and much more.

Let's move to some more complex information.

Bank account info

This is obviously not stored everywhere, and most likely one place, maybe two at most. This also makes it hard to obtain for a random individual.

So now you have gotten a picture of where i'm heading with this.

Where Will a Hacker Look?

Again, you need to put yourself in the shoes of a curious hacker wanting to obtain your personal information, and thereby you will know much better how to protect your info.

He will obviously look everywhere, but he will first use the information he have already and from that information, determine where he should start looking.

Lets say our target in this case is our friend Michael Oregon and we only have his name, and seen his face. First thing he will do is probably do a few advanced search queries on Google & Yahoo possibly also. An example could be @MichaelOregon This will display everything containing those two words, especially social media accounts. Now the hacker will have to do some digging.

Now we have successfully found a facebook. Good idea would be to go to his profile and see if he has some information on his About page. YES he did. Lucky for us now we also have his city, which then also gives us the country, zip code & country code. Already now we have very valuable information on our target.

Our intention here is to complete a DoX of Michael Oregon, so lets see what we have so far. Michael Oregon.

Protecing Your Personal Information:

How can you protect your info when you have 10 social media accounts 3 emails, bank account, address and lots more? You can't. However, you can limit the amount of information you provide to the World Wide Web, and make it harder for curious information seekers to find your info. How will we go about this?

Social Media Platforms

To protect your info, you need to look at the social medias you have, and see how much info you actually filled in your account, and ask yourself? "If I delete some irrelevant info from my account, will I still be able to use it?" If the answer is yes, go ahead and put away that info. This depends on your social media account and what it asks for.

Keep in mind, some websites do need specific info for you to be able to operate your account properly, and if removing that info it could result in some issues. However it all depends.

So, remove any irrelevant info from all your accounts, because we all know how companies harvest as much info on people as they can possibly get, and you may need to fill in such info when signing up, however you can go ahead and remove that after signing up.



Be careful here, because Facebook, Gmail, and Yahoo are the 3 main places it would be ideal to look for an email, and I personally know several methods of obtaining email addresses from these companies, without the individuals consent. Make sure you can "hide" your email, sorta say. So that if an information seeker should seek in that place, he will have no luck.

Additional Precautions

Anything else done after this towards protecting your info, are the basics precautions anyone would take towards protecting their information.

  1. Dont click random links
  2. Dont become a victim of phising emails

Two basic and common examples one would use to obtain information.

Our Goal for This Series:

That is to point out important pointers on how to protect your info online & we will do this by demonstrating it on Michael Oregon, so keep following this series, as we are desperately trying to DoX Michael Oregon.

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California, you said? Found him.

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