How To: Gathering Sensitive Information: Using Advanced Search Queries

Gathering Sensitive Information: Using Advanced Search Queries

continuing this series, I will now go in-depth on using advanced search queries.

What Is Search Queries Again?

When you type something into Google, or whatever you are using, you for obvious reasons, dont get all the results on your search. Because that would simply be way too much data for your computer to handle.

hence: that is why Google have so many and such big servers

not fit for your laptop or desktop.

A web search query is a query that a user enters into a web search engine to satisfy his or her information needs.

According to Wiki at least.

That would be the ideal definition you'd get by asking a non-hacker.
However, now lets imagine you asked Typo, and see what you would get.


By performing a search query in a database holding useful information, your query will go through the most popular databases potentially holding your answer, and will display that information in accordingly, depending on its popularity.

That is more like it XD

Basics of Advanced Search Queries:

So, let me introduce to you a search query I use quite often actually, because it is very convenient, and provides good results. What I am introducing to you, is your new friend called A. He looks like this


This little fella can pull some good information in a short and sweet search query looking something like this:


Remember our friend Michael that we are trying to DoX?

What is the @ doing exactly?

It narrows down your results tremendously, because as I mentioned above, your search query goes through hundreds of databases, and if you dont put in @, you will receive everything that have either Michael or Oregon in it. therefore it is very effective to put in @, because it will look for specifically those 2 names TOGETHER.

You will of course still get useless information, but that wont be whats being displayed to you at the top of your page. Usually (if done correctly) you should see potential social media profiles, and websites etc. first, and then useless information. Trust me, it will save you a lot of time.

Advanced Search Queries:

Now, lets move on to the big boy stuff. This is guaranteed that no average PC user is aware of this, because why would they?

My other friend he is also very good at pulling some information when I am looking for specifically a certain thing.

" "

This guy right here can show you for example a spécific location. Lets say you are looking for Michael and you have heard rumours he might be living in USA but even more, he might be living near Pennsylvania. So one thing you could do is this:

@MichaelOregon "Pennsylvania"

This will display (hopefully) a Michael Oregon living in Pennsylvania with potential addresses. Lets have a look.

Michael Oregons DoX.

I will possibly make a #2 on Advanced Search Queries


Next article I will go in-depth on showing how to dig information from social media sites, as many people dont know how much info they are providing to the Web without their consent, and not knowing that this info is actually not necessary to be provided in order for their accounts to work and what not.

hope ill see you there.

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Good post, this is something I was considering making a guide on, but I think you should keep at it. I'd like to suggest to you a few more search queries which you could cover, such as:


There are a few others, but depicting the ones above will serve as great help for some of the beginners (and maybe the unaware 1337s as well).


I will keep that in mind. I did mention I might do a #2 on this one.

These are realy useful and cool. Except the fact I need to use some non-europe country VPN to make these on real persons, because apparently Europen Union regulates searches on persons since 2014.


Isn't that a google thing? It's just google following laws

Well I just didnt know that EU regulates that

Well, there is an alternative for our friends who prefer GUI much more, the Google Advanced Search, instead of queries. It is available to right of search box.

I could do a ripoff if you prefer.

-The Joker

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