How To: Get Administrator Privileges on Mac

Get Administrator Privileges on Mac

So yeah. Its AugustFackYou and I felt like posting today and being an active member of the community. After reading this please tell me if you have any comments on what I can do better or if this method is bad. Anyway today I will be showing you how to get root on a mac. I managed to become an administrator at my school with this and one other method.

Step 1: Power Off the Computer.

Shut down the computer. I should not have to tel

Step 2: Boot into Single User Mode.

To do this you have to hold down the power button and command-S until you see a white screen. Then it will boot into single user mode witch should look like this.

Image via

as you can see you will have a root shell. Now moving on to step 3.

Step 3: Getting an Admin Account

So now that we have a root shell we have some commands we have to do. The commands are as follows.

  1. Mount the hard drive with: /sbin/mount -uw /
  2. Delete the applesetupdone file with: rm /var/db/.applesetupdone (rm is a UNIX/Linux command that lets you remove files) removing applesetupdone allows you to create a new admin as if it was a new mac. But dont worry it wont remove memory of other accounts!
  3. once you have done this shut down the computer with:shutdown -h now.

Step 4: Create a New Account!

Now that you have restarted the computer. You will be greeted with a apple set up screen telling you to make a new account. Once you have done that you now have a brand new admin account!

Step 5: Done!

So as always this is for educational purposes only. Whatever you do with this information is not my responsibility. Have fun! Thanks for reading! -August.

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This is a very unique approach to resetting a password on a Mac. I do believe since you are in single user mode, you could also just use the passwd command on one of the existing users.

Also, do you know if this method is blocked by a firmware password being present on the target system?

I dont think so... But like oaktree said, FileVault prevents this hack.

I really, really hope it's not this easy...

It is... This is actually how I became administrator at my school.

On Linux, the similar root shell is read-only. I would think Apple followed suit.

It said no such file or directory

I'm getting a "build error".

Haha: FileVault prevents this!

when I run "/var/db/.applesetupdone" it says "permition denied" or something

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