How To: Get Excel-Savvy with This 6-Course Bundle

Get Excel-Savvy with This 6-Course Bundle

Whatever industry you're in, there's a decent chance you've had to work with Excel — that number-crunching powerhouse that drives the accounting departments of countless corporations across the globe.

But chances are you've only scratched the surface of what this incredibly powerful program can actually do. If you want to be successful in any type of data-driven field (Excel's even useful when it comes to hacking), you're going to need to know how to do more than simply whip up a simple graph or spreadsheet.

The Complete Excel Pro Tips Certification Bundle can get you up to speed with Microsoft Excel so you can beat out the competition in the increasingly competitive world of analytics, and it's on sale for over 90% off at just $19 today.

With six courses and over 100 lessons, this training gives you a detailed look into some of Excel's most powerful and hidden functions, along with an overview of the basics for those who need to catch up.

Through lessons that you can access online 24/7, this comprehensive bundle will teach you how to explore and analyze large data sets using PivotTables, how to gain valuable insights from complex data, how to use a variety of commands and filters to streamline your workflow, and much more.

You'll also benefit from lessons that dive into the various and underrated visual tools that can be used in Excel — allowing you to create simplified graphics of complex data that can be invaluable in presentations.

Don't let a lack of Excel experience or knowledge hold you back from landing your dream job. The Complete Excel Pro Tips Certification Bundle will help you get up to speed with this program, and it's available for just $19 right now.

Prices are subject to change.

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