How To: Get FeedingBottle Back in Kali 2.0

Get FeedingBottle Back in Kali 2.0

Back in Backtrack5 there was a nice GUI addon for the aircrack suite called feedingbottle. I liked it because it simplified easy tasks like fake auth with a click of a button. I was hunting for sources and it seems that all I could find was an ubuntu deb package from 2013. It was a little tricky installing it on a 64-bit system so I thought I would write a quick how to. Feedingbottle is an x86 package so you must install the corresponding libraries. If they are missing you will get a "bash:...No such file or directory" error. Very misleading error.

Step 1: Obtain Deb Package

Try searching Feedingbottle and its a mess. I used the package located here: Feedingbottle Installation Guide

Package: Feedingbottle-3.2.3-Ubuntu.deb

Step 2: Install Package

dpkg -i ./feedingbottle-3.2.3-Ubuntu.deb

Step 3: Take Ownership

chown -R root:root /bin/feedingbottle

Step 4: Update $PATH

export PATH=$PATH:/bin/feedingbottle
add/adjust your ~/.profile

Step 5: Add Architecture

If you are running Kali x64 then you will need to add the x86 architecture so you can obtain packages and libraries.

dpkg --add-architecture i386

Step 6: Install Required Libraries

apt-get update
apt-get install libc6:i386 libX11-6:i386 libstdc++6-4.9-dbg:i386

Step 7: Complete!

All set. Run /bin/feedingbottle/feedingbottle

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I didn't know this tool existed! I am going to try it out when I get home.

I as well never knew this one. I only know fern...

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