How To: Got Beef? Getting Started with BeEF

Got Beef? Getting Started with BeEF

With the the general computer users understanding of Information security rising (at least to the point of not clicking on unknown links), and operating system security getting better by default. We need to look for new and creative ways to gain a foothold in a system.

Luckily there are tools available to us, such as the one will we be looking at today, The Browser Exploitation Framework.

Step 1: Finding BeEF

In Kali can be found under Applications>Kali>Exploitations>BeEF XSS FRAMEWORK,

In BT......

Step 2: Fire It Up

When we click on the application we will be greeted with a new tab in our browser that looks like this. Sign in with the default credentials beef/beef.

We'll now see this screen, with some important information to read, but for todays purposes we will focus on the first paragraph "Before being able to fully explore the framework you will have to 'hook' a browser. To begin with you can point a browser towards the basic demo page here, or the advanced version here."

Step 3: Browser, Meet Hooks

After Clicking on the basic page's link you will see the basic page like this.

However if you go back to the BeEF control panel tab you will notice in the far left corner there is a window called HOOKED BROWSERS, in the online browsers section you will see, Success!

Step 4: Beat the Meat

If we click on our browser session in this far left window, our center window will change and we will be greeted with the details page, here we are displayed all the information BeEF was able to gather for us about the browser, Usually browser fingerprint, plug-ins that are running, all the good stuff we need to know to proceed with storming the castle.

Where it says "details" you will notice a series of tabs click on commands, which will bring you here, to an absolute plethora of commands that we can play with, however today we will just focus on a simple but often effective command "Browser Redirection"

Step 5: Redirect Command

While looking through the commands I'm sure you all noticed a folder called "Browser" which has a child called "Hooked Domain", go there, and you will find a command called "Browser Redirection"

You will now notice a window on the far right that Contains a text box, and a little button in the bottom corner that says "execute" click this button and be amazed as the tab that was on the BeEF Demo Site, is redirected to the BeEF home page (or where-ever you pointed it in the text box).

Have a play around with BeEF, go to your hooked page from another computer in your local network ( it will be at 192.168..:3000/demos/basic) and I'm sure you will start to see potential, which we will be covering in the next article on teaming BeEF up with one of Master OTW's client side attacks by burying meterpreter into a file and then serving it out using Browser Redirect.

In the near future we will also be looking at how to "Hook" other web pages and all sorts of fun stuff that can be done with BeEF.

Till then, you stay classy NullByteians

N.B there are images to come, Wonderhowto just doesn't seem to want to let me upload today

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i have done 1st step and then im come in 2nd step, The authentication page doesn't load ! please help me, thx for the Threat btw

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