How To: Hack Administrator BIOS Password on ASUS Notebooks

Hack Administrator BIOS Password on ASUS Notebooks

So i ran into a problem few days ago and it seemed to be very annoying one. I got hands on ASUS X55A with broken HDD. So i changed HDD and woo enter bios password. I hit enter and got into bios where uder security tab was shining ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD INSTALLED. There was no user password but administrator password was set and it led to that i wasnt able to boot anything. At all.

First thing i tried was to flash bios but guess what? You need administrator password to do that.

Next thing i did was removing CMOS battery for about an hour, but that did not help. It just reseted the time and date, but admin password was still set. I suppose that isnt up to date solution as it uses flash memory for storing password. But worth the try.

Than are utilities to reset CMOS, but they didnt worked at all or needed to boot from cd or flash drive. No solution.

So i was browsing an internet to find a solution but i found nothing.

But then luck turned on me and i found an old forum thread where my solution was and it is really simple.

  1. Go to Windows and set dat to 2002/1/2 (US date format)
  2. reboot and when it promt for password hit alt+r for recovery password mode
  3. type in pass ALAA4ABA

And thats it! Administrator password is gone!

Than i found you can set any date, if u have some problems with that ( up to 2011) and find your pass here

This was also tested on another two ASUS notebooks A55C and F751LX.

This propably works on any APTIO bios.

Hope this help and thanks for reading.

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Wow it's great. i wish there was a way to break all PCs and Laptops bios passwords. +1

oh thankyou, very very thankyou guys. finaly i can sleep in peace...

Maybe I'm missing something here but this makes to sense to me. If your problem was a BIOS password preventing you from booting the computer. How did you get into windows to change the time?

You can remove the hard drive, place it in a machine that you have access to and use the offline NT password editor to reset the Windows password. I tried this method with the date/BIOS recovery password and it worked.

not work... invalid password

how to change the date??

I bought an ASUS Q302L from a pawn shop yesterday and the dummys that work there allow customers to do whatever with the laptops etc... So somebody put a admin password in the bios. I can press F2 and get in the bios, create a user password but thats it. No boot to the HD or anything, just bios. Called ASUS and an estimate was 530 dollars!!!??? What a bunch of idiots! 250 and I got a new notebook on eBay! Anybody have a thought other than switch the motherboard? take out batteries, Press power button.... no help!

Replaced motherboard. Only paid 40 at the pawn shop and 80 for a replacement i5 mobo. Still a good deal.

it's working on Asus x501a.Thank you :)

It's working on ASUS K50IJ. I set up date to 2010-04-09 because when I use F1 during boot (load defaults) this date I read from windows.

Password for this date is:

  1. 2010-04-09 9AA0HBAB

I found it here:
Read post step-by-step and it's wok for you.

The problem with mine was it would not even boot to windows. Like I said, I just had to replace motherboard.

works perfectly, asus x55u
2011-01-01 1BLDABLA

works perfectly for me asus s550c

How do I change the date when I can't get past the bios password screen?

You can't. The only thing you can do is buy another motherboard. I got mine on eBay for 80 dollars. The password is stored on a flash chip that stores it for years even without power. It sucks but I'm sure you paid too much money for your laptop to just give it away. All the others on here were able to get past the screen you and I got to boot into windows.

my ASUS laptop BIOS password protect
plaza help me
laptop model A44H
system date 2012/02/01

Thanks, worked like a charm!!!

Your my new hero....! It worked!

Asus X55C date 2016/12/25 please help

try the password for ten years prior. so for 2016-12-25 do 2006-12-25

Michael Duquette, you are best. thank you. i found list of dates but it is too old. i can't change date becasue pc does not open. then i see your post and solved. thank you. thank all of wonderhowto writers.

That worked perfectly. Thank you

so i have an asus k50ij.. samething cant access windows.. cmos has no date/time set. asks for password, mater password, or the proper boot media. ive tried everything, im stumped??

I was given a X550CA and turn it on ask for pass word. what do i need to do to get passed it. So i can use the laptop.

please help me.. how to get rescue password 2015/03/01... type laptop asus X453MA.

Hello :)
Anyone checking this area any more ?
I have one Asus Zenbook PRO where the option Administrator password status is INSTALLED.
I need to boot from USB to reset Windows Password but I am unable to do it since Boot Menu is disabled and I don't have rights to enable it.
Note that I can't login to Windows.

thanks working for me first u must open the laptop unplug the battery then start laptop and appear bios setting then change date to 01/02/2002 type this pass ALAA4ABA working for me


Can someone help me? I have tried to configure an ASUS K52F-44 in BIOS, but the password does not work, any other password ??

I got the computer from an IT expert, he installed Linux Mint and I've tried everything to break the Administrator set, can not use the Internet or install any program.


Muchas gracias por el aporte puede entrar de nuevo la bios muchas grácia amigo

Using a password from 10yrs back on the list WORKS! example 2012/01/12 is the bios date on the laptop...use 2002/01/12. I didn't need to remove the battery or anything else. The list is found

HI i bought last week asus X553M when i start my laptop come on password ??? pleas help with rescue password (2015/08/03)

ok i have an ASUS Tablet running windows 8 im stuck at the spot where it asks for "Rescue Password"i cannot find a code for the date its showing "2012/01/05" can anyone help me? thank you

Think I'm gonna have same prob u have cause I'm thinking is is an old list for older models since it only goes up to 2008. There could b an updated list out there but they probably tightened their security protocols since 2008 when the list stops to protect the newer devices like ours.

How can u change the date if ur already locked out of the computer?

please help me here i have this asus notebook laptop with bios password i have done almost everything to reset the password to no avail. i have remove the scom battery yet nothing change i dont no the means to get the old date. so when i dismantle the laptop below the the keyboard i saw this date 11/10/14 i have search for the code but the one i found did not match so please i need help from you

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