How to Hack Like a Pro: Getting Started with Metasploit

Getting Started with Metasploit

This is my first contribution in an ongoing series on detailing the best free, open source hacking and penetration tools available. My goal is to show you some of the quality tools that IT security experts are using every day in their jobs as network security and pen-testing professionals. There are hundreds of tools out there, but I will focus and those that meet four key criteria:

  1. Open source
  2. Free
  3. High quality
  4. Widely used and trusted in the IT security/pen-testing community

As such, no hacker/penetration tool box is complete without the addition of the versatile and powerful Metasploit.

What Is Metasploit?

Metasploit is among the most widely used exploitation tools in the hacking/security field. It's used by both novices and advanced professionals. Insecure.Org, run by Fyodor, the founder of Nmap, annually surveys security professionals for their opinion on the top security software. Metasploit has consistently ranked among the top ten since its inception and currently ranks second. That should give you some idea of how important Metasploit is in the security community.

Metasploit is a self-described "framework" for cyber exploitation. As a framework, it eases the effort to exploit known vulnerabilities in networks, operating systems and applications, and to develop new exploits for new or unknown vulnerabilities. As of last Thursday, Project Basecamp announced the development of a Stuxnet-like module for Metasploit.

Metasploit has developed a Meterpreter that when loaded into a target system, makes maintaining access and controlling the target much easier. As such, every self-respecting hacker (and even those without self-respect) should have some basic knowledge of Metasploit. This series of articles will initially focus on conferring at least a rudimentary understanding of how Metasploit works and how it can be utilized by the hacker/penetration tester to own the box, download data and cover your tracks.

A Little Background

Metasploit was developed in 2003 as an open source project by H.D. Moore. Originally developed in PERL, the developer team rewrote Metasploit in Ruby in 2007. This is critical, because you need to have Ruby on your system in order to run Metasploit and to develop your own exploits.

After many years of success in the hacker/penetration tester community, it was purchased by Rapid7 in 2009. After its purchase, the Metaspoloit framework was split into three versions. Two are commercial versions; Metasploit Express and Metasploit Professional, the latter selling for $1800. These two have nice GUIs and numerous bells and whistles, including the automation of several attacks, but there is still a free and open source community edition known as the Metasploit Community.

Fortunately, some independent developers at Armitage have created a free and open source GUI for Metasploit that is both beautiful and elegant, for those that prefer the point-and-click mode of operation.

There is a Windows version of Metasploit, but many of the features (raw IP packet injection, wireless driver exploitation, SMB relaying attacks, etc.) are unavailable in the Windows environment, though some of these limitations can be overcome by using Cygwin or running Windows in a virtual environment on Linux.

For these and other reasons, we will commence this series using the more flexible command line interface (CLI) version in Linux, and eventually we will install and use the Armitage GUI.

Download and Installation

The first step in our process is to download and install Metasploit. Although there is a Windows version, I will focus on the Linux version because of its greater flexibility and capability. Let's walk through the download and installation on my favorite Linux distro, Ubuntu.

To install the latest version of the Metasploit 4 Framework (MSF4) on Ubuntu 10.04 (or any other Debian-based distros), use the following commands. This downloads and installs the generic Linux binary which comes bundled with all the necessary components you need for Metasploit to install and run. This should work for most users and is the easiest and quickest way to get the Metasploit Framework running under Ubuntu and other Debian-based Linux distros.

First open a terminal window and type:


If you're installing on a 64-bit build of Ubuntu, use this instead:


This downloads the current version of the Metasploit framework via Wget.

Before you can run the installer, you need to make it executable. In the terminal, you must change the mode to execute (x) for Metasploit:

chmod +x framework-4.*

And now execute the installer by getting root privileges by typing sudo and ./ with the name of our package:

sudo ./framework-4.*

You should then be prompted for your root password. After entering that, you should get a screen that looks something like this:

Go ahead and click Forward.

Agree to the terms of the license agreement and click Forward.

I suggest that you select Yes for automatic updates so that your exploit framework has the latest and greatest updates. Click Forward.

Here, Metasploit is asking whether you want to insert a different service script. You can just accept the default and hit Forward.

Be patient now; it will take Metasploit a few minutes to install and build your database. After it's done, you are ready to run Metasploit. Simply type:


Finally, you should be greeted by this screen.

You have now successfully installed the world's best open source exploit framework and you are ready to begin system/network exploitation and pen testing!

Please note that in my installation here, it warns me that updating is recommended as the last update was 249 days ago. If you want to update your framework, then type:

sudo msfupdate

In my next article, we will look at the terminology and components of Metaspolit and then initiate a tried and true exploit.

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Good stuff, I look forward to part two!

Good article, good info, I too await part two… I do fear that a title like "How to Hack Like a Pro: Getting Started with Metasploit" could be… attracting the wrong company? Perhaps an inherent dislike for S'kiddies on principle causes me to say that.. Either way though, your article was well written and contained useful info.

nice one, please break it simpler for ue using windows

If you are using Windows, I strongly recommend you install Virtual Box, and then probably Backtrack (5 r3) - to begin with anyway.

its very intriguing nonetheless quite interesting

Hi I have successfully installed metasploit on Ubuntu 12.10. when I start msfconsole i got an warning/error like in the attached image. Please help.


You might try :

$ chmod +r /opt/metasploit/apps/pro/ui/config/database.yml
$ sudo msfconsole

That's what it's telling you to do by my reading anyways.

hi Bird the sudo msfconsole worked fine... thanks.

You're welcome, I help when I can.

You need to run under super user. So either run sudo msfconsole or su, enter your password and then msfconsole. Metasploit Unleashed will show you the ins and outs of Metasploit. msfconsole isn't the only way to access the framework for example. You can also use msfcli. Also, many exploits won't work with your firewall or AV turned on. You can run chmod +r /opt/metasploit/apps/pro/ui/config/database.yml instead, but I don't recommend it.

Hello. I am having some trouble inputting the first command into the terminal. When I put this command in:
I get this thing for some reason:
--2013-04-01 13:40:54--
Resolving (
Connecting to (||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 301 Moved Permanently
Location: following
--2013-04-01 13:41:05--
Resolving (,
Connecting to (||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found
2013-04-01 13:41:06 ERROR 404: Not Found.

Is there a new location for this file?

Help Please!

I've experienced the same thing.
here is how to install Metasploit :

Is there anything in that box? I can't see any of it. It looks blank.

I found the x64 version here.

When I download, it asks for the port, days of validity, and server name, what does this mean for my router? Will it cost extra? Will it show up as a opened port on the router? Sorry if this sounds newbie, I am new to this, and I would like help so I can get better

@Ben Viscyire. Leave port and days of validity defaults, should already be numbers in there. No extra charges for anything. As for server name, basically whatever you want, i.e. your name. Hope this helps :)

Is there a metasploit version thats compatible with iphone? I have iPhone 4 running the iOS 6.1.3 firmware


There is a version for iOS! Here are the instructions for installing on your iOS device.


it worked

Thank you for great demonstration.
Please make it available for Windows users too. And
I am using Windows version. When I type "msfconsole" it shows :

  • Unknown command: msfconsole.

Yeah Windows is like good for using everyday. BTW if you think that you are Poweruser or something in Windows, just wait till you use Linux. You will then understand what true POWER really feels like. ;)

I will admit using linux is a bit hard, but I think it will payoff in the future.

If you have ever installed Windows on your own and happen to own a flashrive, then Dual-Booting a Linux is gonna be a walk in the park( with the occasional bird poo here and there). :P

I use Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail. If you want some help with Ubuntu you can go to the official Ubuntu-support channel "#ubuntu" in "" (IRC). Lots of users will be there to help you!! For the Linux commands you can see this book "The Linux Command Line" (its online and its released under Creative Commons License) . But of course, you can install Backtrack or Kali Linux (a better and newer version of Backtrack) if you want to jump to PenTesting and all.

Hope this helped!!


Metasploit is available on many platforms now, including Windows. It would be impossible to cover them. Linux is the platform of choice for hackers for a number of good reasons. If you really want to become a proficient hacker, I strongly recommend that you run Linux.

Check out my article on installing BackTrack as a dual boot system.



I've always used windows, just installed Linux. Where can I learn the Linux basics, terminal use, commands and such? I'm totally new to this environment.


Hi Jared!

Welcome to Null Byte! Glad you found us.

I have put together 11 tutorials on Linux here. Just do a search on Null Byte for "hacker linux". Also, check out this post about how to get started.

Hope to hear more from you.


If someone wants to uninstall Metasploit, type this in the terminal:

sudo rm -rf /opt/metasploit

In my case the setup continued (The setup window opened up) but showed this message in the terminal:

(main.tcl:4039): IBUS-WARNING *: The owner of /home/user/.config/ibus/bus is not root!

But I went with the install anyway...(has anyone else got the above^ error)

Oh BTW you can/should install postgresql. (Instructions to install it are in the video in the comments. Although I am not sure they will work perfectly for every Ubuntu version. So you might have to check on that)


P.S.: Running Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail (Dual-Boot with Win7) and I have no swap space.

Update: During installation it showed another error:
(process:5411): GLib-CRITICAL *: g#slice#set#config: assertion `sys#page#size == 0' failed#

"#" are actually underscores. I could not type them because the site used to italicize everything...

When I typed "msfconsole", msf started after showing this:

  • Warning, /opt/metasploit/apps/pro/ui/config/database.yml is not readable. Try running as root or chmod.
  • No database definition for environment

BTW the code (to type in Terminal) for installing postgresql and a host of other things (as given in the video):

sudo apt-get install postgresql-8.4 rubygems libpq-dev libreadline-dev libpq5 ruby-dev

Can someone confirm if this code is OK?

You should remove "-8.4" from the above code. And I think you will be fine....

occupy can u add me on skype ? jmsteve143 i need help tnx


I can answer you questions on email or on these comments, but not through skype. Sorry.


i just need to learn how to track ip.? and hide my i.p i know ur good can u help me? and by the way do you know how to Disconnect players online games? tnx

yes thanks for answering me yes how to find ip address and where can i download software or apps 4 free .. that i will be using for finding an ip adress yes disconnecting players but wat if he/she is playing in other region ..example im from manila and im disconeting someone from cebu can i do that? tnx :) waiting for ur answer and give me website were to download tnx

and by the way when i downloaded metasploit and install it why does it have many viruses? is that normal?

i can't find my server manager in my administrative tools .. how can i install terminal need help please


Download BackTrack 5. All the tools are included in Back Track. All my tutorials are using Back Track.



All this hacking software is recognized as malicious by your AV. It doesn't have viruses, your antivirus knows that these are hacker tools are it is alerting you.


anonymous by the way i cant find server manager in my computer .. how can i find my terminal? backtrack 5 i just download it directly? and install? tnx

BTW does the backtrack 5 has a terminal? that i can use for metasploit? im a bit confused really


BackTrack is a Linux distribution with hundreds of hacker tools. It has all the tools I use here and yes, it has a terminal.


oh yes :) im so excited to use it .. i keep on scanning on ur post and try the simple one's if my backtrack is already installed .. tnx :)

can someone help me if i install my backtrack i got problem issue with my partitions in the last part if keeps saying unmount partitions / cdrom etc help please

The installer needs to commit changes to partition tables, but cannot do so because partitions on the following mount points could not be unmounted:


Please close any applications using these mount points.

Would you like the installer to try to unmount these partitions again? this is d problem .. :( i save it on my harddisk coz i dont have dvd/cd


You can't create a dual boot system with putting the ISO on another medium and booting from it. You could put it on a thumb drive and boot from the thumb drive to create a dual boot system.

You may also want to look at creating a VM, but that will add another layer of complexity that most beginners don't need.



If you have installed BackTrack, you don't need to download Metasploit. It is built into BackTrack.


Have attempted to update Metasploit, but am asked for a user ID. I have no user Id that I am aware of. I provide the password I created for backtrack, but what user ID?


Give me the particulars of your installation.


I have Ubuntu and windoz installed already, How do I install Bactrak without fouling my burg2 boot manager?

First of all, thanks for the article.

But, as the newbie I am, I'm stuck at converting the installer. I don't know the framework I am on and thus I cannot replace the "*" in the command given...

Any help ? Thanks


If you download BackTrack, you don't need to install Metasploit. It is already installed and ready to go.

If you want to install Metasploit, the represents the version of Metasploit. The file itself will tell you what version it is.


Wow, thanks for the fast reply !

In the meanwhile, I downloaded Metasploit via their website and got "". But when I tried to "chmod +x", I got "No such file or directory"...

I guess I will try to install BackTrack then.

Thanks :)


I think you would be better off with Backtrack as all my tutorials use Backtrack. As for the error you encountered, you need to run that file before running chmod.


Thanks, again OTW.

Will this work on a comp that is no ton same IP address and one that has anti virus installed? Because if it warns me about the software then it may continuously warn them as well?


Most AV software will see Metasploit as malware because it is! Many people disable AV to run Metasploit.

There is a difference between the AV warning on the framework and the exploits.


Whatwill it do when running on exploits? Make the unsuspecting user aware?


Since you are running BT, you already have Metasploit. Just type msfconsole to run Metasploit.


hey otw

I have installed metasploit on my windows 7 pc now whats next? i cant even type in the console and many a times it just types something itself and vanishes!!!!!!

What to do and how???

should i have some other soft ware too like backtrack ??
if yes then from where?

hey otw thanks for a fast reply!!
but would bt from your link work on an w7 os

even though which version should i download???

First, BT is a Linux distribution that contains hundreds of hacking tools. You can not install in Win 7. You need to install like any OS, either in a VM or dual boot system.


are we must use BT on dual boot system so we can hack another pc ?
or we can do it with virtualbox ?


You can use any virtualization software such VMWare, VirtualBox or Virtual PC. I must say that a dual boot system works best though.


Is there any way to install it using some other command, other than sudo?

I downloaded backtrack does that mean i need to still download metasploit??


Metasploit is built into BT, so you don't need to download metasploit separately.



how do you do the same but on windows please i have installed it but how do you enter the code and how do you open metasploit


I really prefer that you install BackTrack with Metasploit already built in. I think you will find that it is much easier to follow my tutorials that way. In addition, to really become a hacker, you need to learn Linux.

If you insist upon using Metasploit in Windows, you will need to register with Rapid7 to get the code to run Metasploit.


P.S. Welcome to Null Byte!

how can I update my built-in Metasploit to version 4? because the built-in is in version 3 if I'm not mistaken. I've download the latest backtrack5 r3


The built-in Metasploit in BT is version 4.


I want to know how to find someone's IP connected to the same modem/router. I have dual boot with Win8 + Ubuntu and already tried arp -a on win, but it gets only one generic IP and 4 static. The IP on the victim computer is auto generate, so I cant keep it. I have the computer name of the laptop, but ping doesn't seem to work. Any help would be appreciated.

I tried sending them a link with but then the IP I got was the same as mine, and when I used nmap on it the os was "86% XAVi embedded" so I guess it is the modem's IP... Please help!!!


If they are on the same modem/router, they will have a private IP address, just like you. When you traverse the Internet, your private IP is translated to a public IP. Both of you are using the same public IP that is why the link you posted shows that you both have the same IP. That is normal on an internal network.

To find all the IP addresses on your internal network, simply use nmap to scan the range of IP's. For instance, if your IP address is, then scan all the IP's between through with nmap. nmap will reveal all the IP's.


Thank you very much. How do I do that on nmap? And if I send that link to someone else, would the IP also be a public IP? If so, how do I then get the private IP? It seems like that link is a bad way of looking for an IP. Is there any better way of doing so (via chat etc)? Maybe you could write a post about finding someone's IP?


Check out my tutorial on nmap here .

All IP addresses on the Internet are public IP addresses. Private IP addresses are for use only behind the router/gateway. Using chat will only reveal the public IP's as well. Using a tool that injects ARP is the best way to get private IP's.


Thanks! How do you inject ARP? Thanks again, I am a newbie to hacking and only found you site 2 days ago, but not a complete novice with programming etc.!

You explain nmap in your tutorial, but I still dont know how to scan a range...

Can you tell us how to inject ARP to a target pc?


In BackTrack, there is a tool called Netdiscover that does ARP discovery.


Can I use it for remote computers? Or is it only for LAN?


It was designed for wireless, but can also be used on a LAN.


Ok. Thank you very much for all your helps.

This is the problem MAster i have! So i cant lounch M.S How can i fix it Master OTW?

Im pretty confusing

Meterpreter and metasploit is already downloadet in backtrack 5 r3 right. Please answer on my quistion it will help me alot!

Delete-uninstall Metasploit in Ubuntu.
Instructions for uninstall:
1) Open Ubuntu Termial, and sudo su enter your password + = now are you root.
2) cd / opt
3) ls
4) Copy (with the mouse) metasploit
5) cd metasploit
6) ls
7) now copy (with the mouse) uninstall
8) sudo. / Uninstall


Thank you for the good job that you are doing. Kindly advice on what to do since my metasploit is not working. Here is my code

root@bt:~# gem install bcrypt-ruby --platform=ruby --no-ri --no-rdoc

Error loading RubyGems plugin "/var/lib/gems/1.9.2/gems/executable-hooks-1.3.1/lib/rubygemsplugin.rb": no such file to load -- executable-hooks/wrapper (LoadError)

Error loading RubyGems plugin "/var/lib/gems/1.9.2/gems/rubygems-bundler-0.9.2/lib/rubygemsplugin.rb": no such file to load -- rubygems-bundler/rubygemsbundlerinstaller (LoadError)

Building native extensions. This could take a while...


The bcrypt-ruby gem has changed its name to just bcrypt. Instead of
installing `bcrypt-ruby`, you should install `bcrypt`. Please update your
dependencies accordingly.


Successfully installed bcrypt-3.1.7
Successfully installed bcrypt-ruby-3.1.5
2 gems installed
root@bt:~# msfconsole
Could not find bcrypt-ruby-3.1.2 in any of the sources
Run `bundle install` to install missing gems.
root@bt:~# $ bin/rails s
$: command not found
root@bt:~# sudo bundle install
sudo: bundle: command not found
root@bt:~# cd /usr/share/metasploit-framework/msfconsole
bash: cd: /usr/share/metasploit-framework/msfconsole: No such file or directory
root@bt:~# bundle install

Error loading RubyGems plugin "/var/lib/gems/1.9.2/gems/executable-hooks-1.3.1/lib/rubygemsplugin.rb": no such file to load -- executable-hooks/wrapper (LoadError)

Error loading RubyGems plugin "/var/lib/gems/1.9.2/gems/rubygems-bundler-0.9.2/lib/rubygemsplugin.rb": no such file to load -- rubygems-bundler/rubygemsbundlerinstaller (LoadError)

root@bt:~# msfconsole -h
Could not find bcrypt-ruby-3.1.2 in any of the sources
Run `bundle install` to install missing gems.


Did you install Backtrack?



Yes i am using backtrack 5r3


I don't understand your error messages then.

Why were you installing gems?


Because whenever I fired up Metasploit the terminal was giving me an error
Could not find bcrypt-ruby-3.1.2 in any of the sources
Run `bundle install` to install missing gems.


Did you install Metasploit into Backtrack? I hope not, it is already in BackTrack.


Stupid question figured out

Can you help me install metasploit for Windows Vista?
And can we chat somewhere so it would be easier?


Welcome to Null Byte!

I don't recommend that you install Metasploit on any Windows platform. You would do much better to install Kali or BackTrack and learn a little Linux. I gave a series here for beginners on Linux called "Linux Basic for Aspiring Hackers". Check it out.


I don't have Linux nor have access to one and my connection is too slow to download it. I have already installed Metasploit but I'm clueless on how to use it. Can I message you somewhere so I can give the details as to what help I need and why I'm doing it?


I really don't recommend using Metasploit on Windows.

Kali is a Linux distribution with all the hacking tools (including Metasploit) included. It might take awhile to download, but you will find that it is worth it.


Do i have to download Linux then Kali or just Kali?

Kali IS a Linux distribution. They come together

Oh thanks. How big is the file and where can I get it?
Are you still online in an hour? I'll be going to work and will be checking there.

Ouch! It's rather large. I would have to wait until the weekend to download it. Is there a way I can chat with you real time?


I'm happy to answer any of your questions here at With thousands of members and even more readers, I can't possibly do one on one chats for everyone.


Ok I understand. Can you help me this weekend? I'll try to download Kali. Can I install it in my computer even though I already have Windows installed?

Yes, you can install it in a virtual machine or as dual boot.

What is a virtual machine? And how do I do a dual boot?

Read my tutorials, Vince. Everything is explained there.

Which version of Kali should I download. I have Windows Vista on the computer that I'm going to use.


Download either the 32 bit or the 64 bit version of Kali depending upon your computer architecture.


Hello everyone , can anypne help and tell me how to download the program ? i couldin find a download option and both links take me to google search

am using windows

thanks in advance


Welcome to Null Byte!

I don't recommend using Metasploit in Windows. Instead, install Kali. It has Metasploit built in.


Say you have full direct access to the system you want to exploit, rather than go through all the hassel of sneaking in the exploit, is there a way to simply put what needs to be on the target system directly?


Welcome to Null Byte!

When you say direct access to the system, do you physical access? If so, just put netcat on the system and create a listener. In that way, you can pull a command prompt and take control of the machine.


Help! I'm having trouble installing on windows. When I get to the part where there is a profress bar for installation, before it even fills up, it says port 50505 is in use, please make sure it is not being used and try again. I don't know what it is supposed to mean. What am I supposed to do?

Hey! Quick question from a total newbie (Just installed Ubuntu 14.04 side by side Windows 7) Do you have updated Metasploit links (x64) for Linux?

I tried the download links from Metasploit's .pdf description which didn't work either:

Do I need to downgrade to 10.04, which you used 10 months ago while creating this post or is there an updated way?

Well, I guess disregard my comment. You, like everybody else, moved on to Kali lol

Hey everyone, I am running RHEL6.0 and I installed metasploit on it.. but when i type msfconsole it shows blank. I am really frustrated because of this..pls help!

I was having the same issues. Just give it a few minutes and do not exit your terminal. If you have enter everything correct up to that point then you're on the right track. I kept exiting my terminal and decided to wait 5 minutes and boom i got the console

i cant start it i mean when i start nothing happens ..
i write msf console and nothing

hello master

in order to make this hack work for lan,i understood that i must port forward my router,by default the ISP in india blocks all the incoming connections to their customers.if somehow i manage to get incoming connections from the remote IP to my router,i doubt its working because as the ISP blocks my incoming connections by default,they must also be blocking the incoming to the victim iam trying to incoming connections to the victim i mean the meterpreter connections that our kali makes when we start the exploit...

please do reply to this query as soon as possible....
thanks is in advance...


If what you say is true, it will make hacking very difficult.

On the other hand, I don't believe it is true. If the ISP blocks all incoming connections, how would a client ever get any traffic coming back from a website that they requested information from? Obviously, every time we go out to the web, we establish an outgoing and an incoming connection. If they blocked the incoming connection, no one would be able to use the Internet.


yes master

I do agree with that point of yours.what I say is true.i even checked my port status at the ports including port 80 is closed and I wonder how iam still able to operate the web browser.!!!

please do reply...iam eagerly waiting ..

master just check this screen shot when I tested my port @,

why this happens and what is the reason behind this..please do help

Those results are obviously incorrect. If port 80 were closed, you couldn't connect to the Internet. Do an nmap scan of your own system.

this may be the problem with all the clients with my ISP.then how can we get the reverse shell work??

check my nmap scan results

port 80 is still closed...any idea ...?

First, you didn't show me your nmap command.

Second, where did you run the nmap scan from?

You must have port 80 or 443 open to be able to communicate to various websites including this one.

root@toool:~# wget
--2014-10-31 01:23:45--
Resolving (
Connecting to (||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 403 Forbidden
2014-10-31 01:23:51 ERROR 403: Forbidden.
what is this guys plz help

I decided to install Kali Linux32 in virtual box. Download both the virtual box and Kali Linux ISO. Load up the ISO and choose normal text installation. But it shows error at 80%(during install the system). What to do???? Pls Help.

I am using Windows 8 and am having an overall tough time. Any advice?

I cannot find a way to instally the Kali for Windows 8, what website should i go to

I was wondering if anyone could give me a quick run down of how to plant a back door into a Windows Server 2008 running IIS 7.5 (I hope I phrased that correctly)

I found a few things in metasploit that indicated there were exploits for the server, but I couldn't get them to work. Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated.

i have following issue.please help

I'm assuming you already have Metasploit installed? If so, just type "msfupdate".

Vulnerable server link

Server is connected in a LAN network. If my Assumptions are true, there are other computers in the network not connected to the internet. I need to access system ike that. How is it Possible .?

I dont know how to inject an exploit
IS it possible via metasploit ??

If you can find a vulnerability in the server, then you can try to exploit it. otherwise you're just punching a titanium wall. It looks like it runs on Apache 2.0, so who knows? Maybe it could be vulnerable to Shellshock...

what difference does Metasploit make from a keylogger

Hey! how can i be anonymous when using metasploit? can it be used by TOR? HOW?

Hey Is it Necessary to Port forward By Hacking into Internal Network

I am using A PC With USB Thethring Enabled Net And A Another Android But It Don't Work And Get Stucked On Starting Payload Listener

'You can't create a dual boot system with putting the ISO'
how can i do this?

how can i find your next tutorial of this series?

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