How To: Hack a Site Knowing a Bit of HTML ( Part 2

Hack a Site Knowing a Bit of HTML ( Part 2

Hello all.
It's time for level 6 all, password encrypting.

Step 1: Looking for ASCII Table

First you have know what is ASCII here's a link for you buddies

Step 2: Go for the Level 6

As you see here

there are 2 input boxes the first checks for you the password algorithm.
For example put this in the first one:(capital letters are different)
it will gives you this
but if you input this:
it will gives you:
so what are these?
well if you look at the ASCII table you will understand that:
a ------> a
b ------> c
c ------> e
d ------> g
the 1st one moves 0+
the 2nd one moves 1+
the 3rd one moves 2+
the 4th one moves 3+

I hope you got is totally easy to understand

Step 3: Encrypting

the page says that

You have recovered his encrypted password. It is:


here you don't need to move them one by one forward 0+/1+/2+/3+/4+/5+/...

here it say you have recovered the encrypted password,so its completely different here you have to move backward instead of forward i mean this:

here for this 4g3deh>; we do like this:
4 ----> 4 (0)
g ----> f (1-)
3 ----> 1 (2-)
d ----> a (3-)
e ----> a (4-)
h ----> c (5-)
> ----> 8 (6-)
; -----> 4 (7-)
it is 4f1aac84
hope you all understand this.

Bye for now.

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Good Post!
And, I really liked that Gears of War wallpaper.

guys sorry that i haven't post for u.these days i am too busy and also i should go for explaining some activities in the court bcuz they were against laws.

but i will post for u all.

I do all correctly but can't pass the test! My encrypted password is: b4555h6 so I type b3321c0 but no way to go on. Please help, I think st is wrong with this

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