How To: Hack Wi-Fi Using Wifite in Kali

Hack Wi-Fi Using Wifite in Kali

Welcome, my aspiring hackers!

In this tutorial I'm gonna be showing you how to hack Wi-Fi using the wps compatibility of a router, in , of course, Kali.

  1. First, fire up Kali.
  2. Then, open up a terminal and type wifite.
  3. Wait for a minute, and watch closely as the BSSIDs begin to appear.
  4. See if the router you wanna hack has yes in WPS Compatibility. If so, proceed to the next step.
  5. Hit Ctrl+C to stop wifite.
  6. Now type in the number of the router, say, 6 or 9, and hit enter.
  7. It should start cracking the router's password by using the vulnerability in the wps compatibility of the router.
  8. Once its finished, the password should be displayed.

Sorry for the "no picture" thing. This is my first tutorial. '"But you gave a picture!" Shut up!

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Thanks for the time. We have a better Wifite Tutorial from Kitten like 2 weeks old. No disrespect of course.

Please make us another one, we would love to read it.

Sure, man. I'm sorry.

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