How To: Hack Windows Administrator Password with Out SAM

Hack Windows Administrator Password with Out SAM

Hi, I am Robel, I am here to let you know about how to hack windows admin password with out Sam files, this requires physical access and any boot operating system...I used Kali 1.8 , if it doesn't work make sure you have shuted it down properlyor use backtrack.

I have tested it on Win7, Win8.1, Win10 .it works like a charm.
Well You are very Eger to know the techniques.....well I don't know them....just kidding here are the steps.

Step 1: Getting Ready

So first make sure you have a bootable flash I have mentioned above I used Kali 1.8 using UUI which refers to Universal USB Installer.

then test it on Your PC and make sure you can boot live from it.
Quick Trick.

Do you know that you can edit the files in the flash drive..plug it into another Linux and open it then edit the grub.cfg to ur favor.

You can even edit the slah.png file with an image editor.
So back to the main deal. Let's continue assuming that u have a bootable drive.

Step 2: Booting and Hacking

Okay now We can boot it from our victims machine.
To do so open the computer and press..
Esc --> for HP
F12 --> for Toshiba
Small button located at the right side --> lenovo
And then click or select your flash drive then boot.
Then let's select the live option and boot to Linux.

So peoples I am a 9th grader and I teach some kids at school about being creative than being a person that knows every code so what I found out is that windows use file name to access the system exe files so if we rename them boooom! They are doomed. So go to places and click on the hard disk and it should be mounted ..if not restart the PC or use backtrack . the navigate your self to system32 and rename the following.

sethc.exe --> robel.exe
cmd.exe --> sethc.exe
robel.exe --> cmd.exe

Then reboot the PC unplug your flash drive then boot to windows then enable stickey keys by the little util button on the left bottom corner then press shift key until your mom calls you then cmd will pop up then type in this .

net user Admin
This will pop ask you type is the password then exit cmd and enter your new password and log in.
NB:the Admin can be substituted for any user names to find then out type in.
net user


Thank You, I know you deal freedom when you find out that you can hack any PC but please use it for good stuff. Have a great Day and may God bless u.

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This is soooooo super-duper old. (used to do this to xp machines)
But better to link sethc.exe to cmd.exe so as not to break stuff.

Thank u for what u sharing.
I would like to know how to hack my MacBook Pro i7

I though this was for my iPhone, I feel scammed, unsub. XD!!

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