How To: Hack Your Xbox Gamerscore

Hack Your Xbox Gamerscore

Nearly everyone has the capacity to be a cheater. Sometime or another, all Xbox users have yearned to get their gamerscore to unimaginable thresholds—for bragging and egotistical purposes. I can relate to this desire. However, I also don't want to mod my gamerscore, because it's just unfair and not nearly as much fun as doing it the honest way. To me, it's synonymous to entering the cheats into a game after you've beaten it. Cheats can add new life into a game once you're done, but since the same can't be done with a gamerscore, we're going to mod a secondary gamertag. This will let us play with gamerscore modding and see how it is done—without messing up our actual gamertag.


  • Windows
  • Horizon
  • Secondary gamertag saved to a USB storage device
  • Profile Editor


  • Don't mod your real gamerscore. That can get you banned from Xbox Live. If you think cheating on gamerscore is worth losing Xbox Live over, it's your loss.

Step 1 Download Tools & Prepare Your Gamertag

First, we need to equip ourselves with the necessary tool set.

  1. Download Horizon.
  2. Download Xbox Profile Editor.
  3. Connect your USB device holding your gamertag to your computer.
  4. Open Horizon, and pop open the USB device tab on the right.How to Hack Your Xbox Gamerscore
  5. Navigate to your gamertag, then right-click and extract it to your desktop.

Step 2 Change Your Gamerscore

Modding Points

  1. Right-click Profile Editor and run it as an administrator.
  2. Open your gamertag.How to Hack Your Xbox Gamerscore
  3. Easily select the game and pick achievements from the list to modify.

Rehash & Resign to Device

We need to recalculate the hash of this file so that the Xbox sees it as uncorrupt.

  1. Drag and drop your gamertag into Horizon.
  2. Click the Rehash and Resign button.
  3. Drag the save back into the folder that you got it from on your USB device.

Remember, cheating is bad! Just have fun with this, and don't ruin the online experience for others.

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yea but if ur caught they set it back to 0 :(

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