A Hackers Advice & Tip: Choosing Your Path. Knowing Where to Learn & How to Learn It **Newbies Please Read**

Choosing Your Path. Knowing Where to Learn & How to Learn It **Newbies Please Read**

This article is to all the newbies on here wanting to become a hacker. Since I have seen many newbie questions on here, I need to address this.

Thank You:

First thank you for wanting to become a hacker, it is not an easy path.

Becoming a hacker, at least in the way that I see it, is that its a fairly 'easy' path, meaning that you have all the tools to get started. Think about it. You have it right in front of you, you just need to use it.

You got the tools, websites, software and even tutorials, this is the easy part of becoming a hacker, the hard part is you will have to figure out how to use it. Yes, I am sorry but you can't just call a support center and say "hi I want to learn how to hack this gmail account". I have seen these type of questions a lot lately on here.

So moving on

Why Do You Want to Become a Hacker?

Please ask yourself this, because that is what I did. It will help you a lot knowing where to learn and what to learn, and therefore not asking unnecessary questions.

Is it because of the growth in the IT-industry, or the paychecks or just because you've got a passion for this?

This will help you knowing what type of direction you are to move in, because there are several types of hackers as many say, and if you dont know yours, how can we help you?

Regardless you should know this.

Doing Proper Re-Search

If you want to become a white hat, you are in the right place, because here you have all the tools and tutorials needed, trust me you do.

If you want to become black hat im afraid you are in the wrong place.

Right now, there are thousands of tutorials on the web, and you have to invest your time into this job. Yes think of it as a job, if you want, thats what I do, it makes me work hard every day.

You will be spending lots of time searching and I not only encourage you to re-search but I also Challenge YOU to re-search

Yeah, that was probably a little tough to read, but its the truth.


Please don't ask very, and I mean very easy and broad questions such as, "how do I hack?" or "how can I hack this account?" We cannot help you on those questions, for several reasons, and let me point them out so you know why next time.

  1. There are many ways of cracking an account, so you need to find out which one is most fit for you and your situation.
  1. This is a white hat community, so questions particularly aimed towards cracking accounts might be considered malicious intent to some of us, and we do not support this.
  1. It is a question you can figure out yourself, since there are many ways of hacking things, there are even more tutorials on them so go hunting, trust me.

What Can You Find on Null Byte?

Here you will mainly find tutorials and sometimes also news related articles, anything else is on the World Wide Web. So questions such as how do I hack are usually not to find here, because its a very broad question, and I have actually seen this Q recently.

That is what you can find here, and I personally know this because I have looked through every tutorial from some of the people on here who have been here the longest, so I mean this when i say it, you need to invest your time or you wont succeed

The Conclusion:

So the key things you need to possess in becoming a hacker are

  1. Challenge yourself to do some re-search first, because the answer is out there.
  1. Know what type of hacker you are, and thereby you'll know where to look.
  1. Ask with a little bit of respect, because lately I think we need more of it here.

I Hope This Helped You Realizing Becoming a Hacker Is Not Easy, and Is a Tough Task, but if You Are Up for It, It Will Be Amazing.

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Typo maybe?

"I Hope This Helped You Realizing Becoming a Hacker Is Not Easy, and Is a Though Task, but if You Are Up for It, It Will Be Amazing."

I think you meant Tough task..

Why did this article kinda of hit to close to home? I guess that it reminded me how hard it was to get help until I found this forum... those kids who asked me "how to hack this... and how to hack that" made it really frustrating. But nothing less, great tutorial and I hope this will help noobs where to go from here. :)

If I were to say only one thing to a general human, it'd be this-
Don't trust your soul on stereotypes

Well, something you should've said in your post, since it's something that is one of potiential causes due to which you wrote the post, probably.

Wait...the title seems more like a learning guide than a set of codes to not present yourself as unworthy of help. Maybe a bit misleading?

-The Joker

it was difficult for me to write a specific title for the article, I just tried my best.

Well said TypoGuy.
The hardest thing is navigating your way through an unknown path, once you learn the way, things get a lot easier.

yeah it was mostly for the newbies on here. hope this will help them know where to learn their stuff and try doing some of the hard work themselves.

tnk you guys i mean im a newbie im its been over 1 year since this is my inspiration to become a hacker and when i look at you guys you give me a lot of motivation thank you guys ...

The most important thing is that we have to remind the noobs that hacking isn't just spamming a keyboard and having weird-looking things pop up on the screen. Mainstream people seem to think hacking is more black magic than actual skill. That's where all the stupid questions stem from.

Also, we should vigilantly drop links to this article and the others like it when stupid questions get posted.

in my opinion... hacking is not crime as long as we do that for goodness or just simply make the world free from "secret" that someone or government hiding from public... did you?? and sorry if i ask this cuz im newbie "is white hat good and black hat evil?"

thank you..

thx for the writing

can you explain me how to hack clash of clan as all told me that it is impossible to hack clash of clan but i thought it is possible

can you hack it by not rooting the server

Contact me through my email on my bio just click on my profile you would see it.

I came across war games. Today, war games are called CTF (capture the flag). These games allow you to play hacker in a controlled environment. Additionally, to get past each level, you had to learn a new hacking technique.

One of my favorite CTF sites today is Hack This Site!

The most memorable war game that I played forced me how to write my own exploits for a number of different types of vulnerabilities. These included traditional buffer over flows, format string vulnerabilities, and more.

Once you get to this level, I would highly recommend joining an exploit development mailing list. Writing exploits can be very difficult!

Through my work and also with my own resources, I invested heavily in SANS courses. These excellent courses provide very valuable knowledge. Additionally, it will show your future employer that you are serious about your passion for information security.

After a number of years of learning, I had the opportunity to play a CTF at a security conference. We barely slept for three days, but it was exhilarating! Our team placed 3rd out of 175 teams. That opened the door to a full time penetration testing position.

The last skill required that is rarely talked about is report writing. It is very important to convey to the customer your findings in a clear manner. Find someone who writes well to help you improve your reports.

Lastly, I would check out Daniel Miessler's blog on How to Build a Successful Information Security Career. This article does an damazing job of describing what you need to do to build a successful career in information security.

Hope this too helped.

Thank you for posting this for new people like me. I believe there are many genuine people who wish to learn to hack for good but don't know how to get started. It isn't like you can ask anyone.

In your 3 directives, you suggest we do research, decide what it is we want to do, and then ask politely for help.

The problem with being a raw newbie is that you never know which research is "good" and what is "BS." I know the basics on how to run Tor, install Kali Linux on a VM, etc. But, I have noooo idea what to do once I get there. I've signed up for Pentester Academy, bought a trillion books (well, give or take a few ;p), and I still don't know where to start. This website is great because it seems to welcome newbies, and that doesn't seem to be the case when you are out and about.

The whole reason I am interested in hacking is to be one of the good guys. I read an article that talked about the deficit we face because there are so few white hats compared to the numbers of grey and black hats. With the dawn of IoT, we leave ourselves constantly exposed to bad people with bad intentions and we need more people to care about the innocent. I want to protect the innocent on the top web and deep in the dark web.

So, in short, I am asking politely where to start. What do I do first? What do I have to buy? What should I be reading? What shouldn't I be reading? Which videos are the best? Which suck? Where do I get a tutor?

Thanks :-)


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