How To: Harness the Power of Google Analytics with This $20 Training

Harness the Power of Google Analytics with This $20 Training

No website, service, or platform is immune to being abused or exploited by hackers, and Google Analytics is no exception. To better understand how Google Analytics can help deliver payloads and bypass security protocols, one might want to learn how to use Google Analytics from a user's perspective first.

Google Analytics Abuse & Vulnerabilities

Detectify showed how Google Analytics could be used for data extraction by taking advantage of a site's Content Security Policy, where it's not abnormal to trust everything coming in or out from a domain. Hackerone has even paid a bug bounty for these types of hacks.

Black hats once stole banking and credit card info for online users of VisionDirect, a contact lens dealer. They used an omission-based URL phishing scheme in a Magecart attack to make look like, to place malicious JavaScript code to steal the financial data whenever it was entered onto the site. A homoglyph-based URL would have been even harder to detect.

In an oldie but goodie, a security researcher used a blind cross-site scripting attack, with the payload in a Google Analytics report attachment sent via email that had to be opened in the Gmail app for iOS devices. While it was the Gmail app that contained a mail attachment vulnerability, which would deliver the payload even without the user opening the file, Analytics was used to send the email and just goes to show that Google is not perfect.

Even an Analytics user's unique identifier (UID) can be used from phishing websites, and reverse Analytics UID searches can help with OSINT reconnaissance, so there are countless avenues of attack using Google Analytics. As a cybersecurity specialist, it's essential to know about all of these and find more ways of exploitation to stay one step ahead of hackers with malicious intent. As a white hat, these types of hacks can help secure a payday from a bounty.

Master Google Analytics from Home

Aside from the hacking and penetration-testing side of things, having a thorough understanding of leading analytical platforms is essential if you want to build or develop a website or marketing platform. Whether you're interested in promoting a brand or business or simply want to learn how to drive more traffic to your pages and increase conversions, having access to detailed information on the frequency and types of visits to your pages is crucial.

As the world's most powerful and widely used web analytics service, Google Analytics is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to thoroughly and accurately track website activity such as session duration, bounce rates, click-throughs, and more. The Ultimate Google Analytics Mastery Bundle will teach you everything you need to know for just $19.99.

This bundle comes with unlimited access to over 40 hours of training that walks you through every element of Goggle Analytics, Google AdWords, leading SEO practices, Google Charts, and much more.

With 4.5/5 stars from over 850 reviews on EDUCBA, your instructor will teach you how to use Google Analytics to monitor and classify traffic to your site; how to install Google AdWords in multiple pages of your website to increase hits; how to take advantage of the latest SEO tools to broaden your user base and increase your visibility online; and more.

Every lesson included in this bundle is available for both web and mobile streaming, and you get a certificate of completion after you've finished all of your courses. This subscription even grants you immediate access to new content and updates the moment they're released.

Up your analytics game by learning how to increase and track every type of traffic to your site with the Ultimate Google Analytics Mastery Bundle. Usually priced at nearly $400, this extensive training package is on sale for over 90% off at just $19.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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