How To: Install Flash on Kali Linux 2.0 Rolling

Install Flash on Kali Linux 2.0 Rolling

Hey guys,

I am back this time with another small tuto on how to install flash on kali linux . Kali linux is of course one of the best pentesting platforms available now but it's native web browser Iceweasel a modified firefox lacks in flash and java. Keeping java aside lets just talk about flash.If you are here to know how to install flash on kali then you are at the right place.Here we go .... ..... ....

Step 1: Downloading Flash for Kali Linux

First of all go to this site and download tar.gz for other linux .

Step 2: Extract the tar.gz File

once you have downloaded the file extract them.

Step 3: Installing Flash on Iceweasel

open terminal from the folder where you have extracted the files.and type the following commands one after other with out the quotes.

"cp /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/"
"sudo cp -r usr/ /usr"
no need of sudo if you are logged in as root or using the root terminal.

Step 4: Restart Iceweasel for Changes to Take Place

simply restart Iceweasel to see effective changes.

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A really good How-To . good work.

I may be missing something here but, given the numerous and well documented vulnerabilities in Flash, why would you want to install it onto a platform that you primarily use for hacking?

Hey daynjer. I personally hate browsers which work only on html and flash has got to be the day saver. If you are so concerned abiut vunerabilities then do not install it as root

how to remove flash from kali?

how can install app in kali plz??

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