How To: Install ParrotSec Sealth and Anonsurf Modules on Kali 2.0

Install ParrotSec Sealth and Anonsurf Modules on Kali 2.0

First of all, before we start, the modules and some of the tutorials belongs to Und3rf10w, not mine!
Original stuff from him is here:
Hello everyone!

Today I'm going to show you how to install ParrotSec Sealth and Anonsurf modules for the people who wants features of the ParrotOS or anonymity on Kali 2.0.

Lets get started!

Step 1: Start Up Kali and Open Terminal

Step 2: Type the Command in Order

(Sorry for the bad text formatting, I'm too lazy to rewrite all of it because my browser crashed :/)
Type in orders:
echo "deb jessie main"
wget -O /tmp/i2p-debian-repo.key.asc
apt-key add /tmp/i2p-debian-repo.key.asc
rm /tmp/i2p-debian-repo.key.asc
apt-get update
apt-get install i2p-keyring

If everything is good, proceed to the next step!

Step 3: Downloading and Installing the .Deb / Install ParrotSec Stealth and Anonsurf Modules

Go to and download the branch, extract the ZIP file, and you will get this file, put the file on your desktop.

This is the tricky part, first, type in:
cd ~/Desktop
You will get something like this:

Now, remember the kali-anonsurf-master file? Now you must give it permission to build the .deb file, or it will throw an error, type in:

chmod 0775 kali-anonsurf-master
cd kali-anonsurf-master

Ok, last command, time to build the package, type:
dpkg-deb -b kali-anonsurf-1.0/

If nothing goes wrong, you should get this:

Now you got the .deb file ready, time to install it! type this in:
apt-get -f install && dpkg -i kali-anonsurf-1.0.deb
everything should go smoothly like this:

Congrats! You have successfully installed ParrotSec Sealth and Anonsurf modules! Here's da features!


Pandora automatically overwrites the RAM when the system is shutting down, you can also do it manually (not recommended).

manual command:
pandora bomb

Iceweasel browser in memory:
Run iceweasel in memory (start anonsurf first)
anonsurf start
anonsurf iceweaseltor

That's about it, I hope I helped you guys! also, thanks you for reading!

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This was a very good "step by step" tutorial. I love the use of the image slide shows and would suggest it to any other frequent posters as a source of inspiration.

Thank you!

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