How To: Keeping Your Hacking Identity Secret

Keeping Your Hacking Identity Secret

So, how does someone keep their hacking life completely secret?

What This Is:

I'd like to know how hackers keep their hacking life secret. So with a bit of experience and knowledge obtained from elsewhere I want to share what I know, and also ask a few questions to become even more silent about your secret life

Don't Talk About SH#T:

When I say this, I mean it in any possible way. Do NOT say a single word about your hacking life. Don't even mention the word. The key to people not thinking you are a hacker is to never go in that area.

If one day you pull of a great hack, and you didn't cover all of your tracks, and the feds show up in your neighborhood to question your friends, they are obligated to tell the truth or they'll be interfering with a federal investigation. But they can't lie if they don't know the truth.


Don't Put a Name to Yourself:

What I mean here is, most hackers love attention. Take a look at Lizard Squad for example. They share the hacks they complete. Doing so, you give everybody the chance to communicate with you, because having a social media profile is for everybody in the whole world who wishes to, can be able to communicate with you. incl. feds. So, don't put a name to yourself.


Ghost hackers are hackers who constantly changes his alias. No one can ever really get in contact with him, and he never is one place too long.

This gives many advantages, as it being much harder for anyone to track you down.

A good example would be Elliott from Mr. Robot. He doesn't tell anyone about his hacks, and doesn't put a name to himself.

Personal Computer:

What I mean here is, what about your real identity? You probably have a facebook twitter and maybe instagram account right? Well, isn't it dangerous to access your hacking identity from the same computer where your real identity also is?

I haven't gathered all the info in this section, so i'm a little unsure here.

Because not everybody can afford a separate computer to only perform hacking things on. So what do you do to make sure you keep your secret life completely seperate even though you have two identities on the same computer?


Examples here would be Firefox and Opera. Don't search about hacking things on your "real identity browser". Not even a quick lookup on a software you need to double check. Keep those two worlds completely separate.

Quick Question:

So, I shared some information on keeping your secret life secret. But I'd also like to ask a question or two.

What I want to know furthermore about is wether or not it is safe to perform hacking things on one computer that shares the same identity as your real one.

and how safe is it?


Take note that there are also hackers who don't give a shnizzle about anonymity, like me. The reason why is because I know of myself that I've never done anything illegal (well, nothing big atleast) and I never will. I also openly share my hacking life with friends and family. Why? Because none of it is illegal. I often talk about how I designed a WiFi scrambler or coded an email spoofer, but I never go bragging that I broke into Microsoft's email server. Why? Because I never did that! There is no reason to brag about something you didn't do! I'm just a simple tech guy, not an Uplink agent (I guess no one ever played that game?). Then again, I don't have any kind of social media like Facebook or Twitter, because I know they participate in mass data collection, and I don't want that. Basically, the only people I am hiding from are corporations.

But you made a VERY good tutorial for those who want to take the dark path! +1.

People often fail to realize that TOR and over 120 proxies can't help you if you are the weak link. A lot of blackhats got caught simply because they didn't do the things you stated. Thanks for pointing it out.

And to answer your question: yes, it certainly is more dangerous, because like I stated above, social media collects your data. If you really are paranoid, get a laptop, drive 100km away from your home to an open wifi hotspot, and do your illegal hacks there.

Or be like me, and simply stay on the good side of the law.


You are correct about your first opinion on my post. White hat hackers obviously don't care about anonymity, and definitely share their work. This was more for the dark path area as you also mentioned. thanks for the +1

Let me take a step in auditing this tutorial.

If you are someone like a LizardSquad member, you would have amazing OPSEC and or no need for it. I talk with multiple LizardSquad members and they are beyond anonymous. They keep tracks secure, OPSEC tight.

And to answer your question, you should always hack from a different OS. Log on to FB with tampered User-Agents saying you're using Windows 10, etc.

Great advices :D Not that i do blackhat dark stuff, but another good strategy is to have your hacking OS and hacking wifi keys in external USB. You could use your personal computer but keep it totally independent from your nefarious activities :D

To be absolutely sure, unplug your drives from your PSU when booting into your hacking OS. That way you can rest assured that your hacking OS will never mount your drive.

Again, this is a paranoia measure. When booting into forensic mode, your hacking OS also doesn't mount any drives other than it's own anyway.


Hey there.

First of all thanks for the article and tips.I'm new to this so what i would like to ask is..i use google chrome for all my social media etc. but when i want to search something "dark" like hacks or stuff,i use Ctrl +Shift + N to go incognito,is it safe? plus i took your advice and downloaded firefox! Any more advices/tips would be great!:)

it would be best if you got rid of Chrome if you want to be sure you arent being traced by your browser. Google has a 'secret' code for their software. So no one knows what Chrome is able to do when it comes to your safety. But many say that it traces you big time in many ways. Firefox code is open source so anybody can see it, and modify it if they wish to.

And setup a proxy if you want more security, VPNs aren't much reliable, because you never know 100% if they are being honest about their security policies.

But you never know that of the people hosting your proxy either.


So what is the best way to setup a good proxy?

The hard part is finding a proxy that isn't honeypotted.


I'm late I know,

but what exactly is this "Honeypot"?

A "honeypot" is a server or other system that appears vulnerable, but is actually an enticement by law enforcement or others.

Personally, I don't have to worry about anonymity. As much as I am against the government putting their nose where it doesn't belong, I have nothing to hide. So I guess I'm in the same boat as Pheonix.

Agreed. I too don't like the current course of the government, but they can't do anything to us.


'Can't do anything'?

I might not share your nationality, but I do know that governments are almost never lawful. If they want to do something to you, you'll have big problems. I suggest you reconsider those few words you said.

-The Joker

They tried doing things against me, but they failed. miserably so.

I don't reconsider anything, because I don't see where I was wrong.


Right and wrong is just matter of perception. Maybe you can see it if you try to see from a different view.

I won't ask what happened, but just be careful to not at least get caught in anything illegal after annoying them. The reason they failed is probably that they weren't annoyed enough.

Btw, you introduce a degree of variation greater than pretty much anyone I've met. I like exceptions, the uncertainties in the established equations.

I can't really tell about Belgium. If that were India, and you annoyed the government, they could pretty much ruin your whole life and force you into a criminal (or some minor job through rehab). But I'm not afraid, because if once I complete my goal, the governments will be far from even touching me.

-The Joker

I don't know how it is in India, but here in Belgium, it is stated in our constitution that the government has no right to take away your civil rights under any circumstances. Civil rights include that you are allowed to criticize the government.


It is stated in the constitution here also. But what happens, happens. Some European countries are famous for implementation of laws. Maybe Belgium is among them I guess.

You can of course criticize the government all you want, but only those parts of it that can't haunt you later.

What's in the constitution, stays in constitution. Educated people have almost no faith in government. And, of course, I could give you real facts about government officials being corrupt, and things like that.

If I were to describe it in one sentence, it'd be- "The greatest degree of chaos that can be in an organized and governed country."

-The Joker

If you feel paranoid, a live DVD/USB(with TAILS configured for hacking or Kali configured for anonymity)(I don't suggest CDs since you'll have to compromise due to their small size) or a virtual machine(maybe multi-booting your system?) should do just fine.

If you still feel too paranoid for that, you will have to be rich enough to burn the machines you hack on(or just the motherboard, RAM and HDD)(maybe you can anonymously donate/dispose them). And don't forget to go FAR, but still don't make it too obvious(like a circle with points 10 km from your house).

"Weaklings don't have the right to decide how they want to die" -Trafalgar Law, One Piece

-The Joker

Good quote there.


According to me , there's nothing like ethical hacker or white hat hacker's and black hat hacker's. I think they both are almost same.

I don't say white and black hat are totally same, but Hacking is Hacking.

And as keeping your hacking identity secret.. whether anyone is white hat or black hat both have to be quite, in the sense keep their hacking life secret.

As Elliot does in Mr.Robot , he isn't a black hat hacker infact a vigilante hacker who helps people in a way which is considered as non ethical.

People actually don't care either you are white hat or black hat. They just treat you as a Hacker.. And same the Government Does. it wont consider you a white hat if you do stuff like elliot and give reward, in they'll consider you as black hat and put behind the bars.

This is the real face of the world.. You can take example of Jullian Assange his own country caught him. This is the real world.

So according to me better keep your mouth shut and do all the hacking stuff, because the only people who are going to support you in hard time is your family and no one else.. Remember this "Everybody Lies".

--Anamika (TG)

Whitehat hackers are penetration testers, or those who advice others on how to be more secure.
Blackhat hackers are those who hack or design malicious scripts for a specific interest, like money.
Greyhat hackers are unofficial penetration testers(You forgot this one).

Hacktivists are those who hack or design malicious scripts for a specific cause against a specific group of individuals/organizations.

Here we are, with well defined roles, where things are not as vague as you describe them to be. I find them pretty clear.

As to your last paragraph, that is more clearly explained in the post.
And you commented on the wrong place, I think. Thus it leaves me pretty confused of what you tried to mean.

"Everybody Lies", I agree, and even my display name shows that. But I think there's something more to it than that, since your profile shows a good enough reputation.

-The Joker

Thanks. It's pretty much a hard work to decide a good quote for something specific.

-The Joker

The Joker -
I just put forward my opinion. After all its your thing what to do or not.
Not everyone think's like us, just because of one Bad Guy the people consider all are Bad. That's y we say
Trust no one , work alone and other things..

People don't take Hacking as Positive. They only think " Hacking" "ah!! it's really bad.. that guy is criminal, he is against law!! "

Everything has pro's and con's.

Even my Parent's think that hacking isn't good. They dont know i do all this stuff, if they they'll be against me, because they care for me.

But all are not your family.


Well said. After reading everyone's replies, I would like to say, even if you are not doing anything wrong it is still good practice to be anonymous.

Being anonymous means being as secured as you possibly can. Being secured means also that your are protecting yourself from others that are trying to exploit you.

No matter where you go on the web, someone is trying to exploit you. Facebook is exploiting you, advertisers are exploiting you, most probably your email provider is exploiting you (;hotmail, yahoo), your ISP is probably exploiting you, the very people who are sworn to defend you are exploiting you (NSA, etc, etc) not to mention the millions of adware, viruses, trojans, worms, etc, etc floating around. Also don't get me started on data miners, that is a whole other multi-billion dollar money maker.

By not being anonymous is actually kind of silly, its just like walking out onto a freeway with your eyes closed. Your just asking to get hit. (Unless your in peak hour and said freeway is now a carpark, but I think you get my point)

Knowledge is power, embrace it! Do not hide behind ignorance. What you choose to do with that knowledge is your responsibility.


I am not targeting anyone here, what I have written is my opinion, treat it as such. What you choose to do with this knowledge is "your responsibility"! I can not stress this part enough. You are "Responsible". The more you know, the better off you are.

"People actually don't care either you are white hat or black hat. They just treat you as a Hacker.. And same the Government Does.". That's true. And the texts from people here are right and the article too.

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