How To: Keeping Your Hacking Identity Secret: How to Become a Ghost Hacker #4

Keeping Your Hacking Identity Secret: How to Become a Ghost Hacker #4



Today its another installment of my series which is something many of you enjoy, so here is part 4.

Provide False Information:

Many things fall into place when one has to successfully become a ghost hacker, and one of the key things is what you're telling people. When you are communicating online you have two options, either don't say anything at all, or give them completely false information.

Going with option one will most definitely spark interest to people whose intentions are to bring hackers to justice, so you might as well give them what they want, but you didnt guarantee them that would you're giving them will be correct information. That'll be their job to determine, so let's make it very difficult for them

And it's important that you don't reveal anything that can be remotely connected to you in any way what so ever. It's difficult but it's great to take these types of measures if you have to. For example Dead Pirate Roberts did this too I have been informed. Take notes people

Moving On:


This is also very important that you keep it a secret to everybody. Now this is where it can get very complex, because we all have jobs and education probably, and family friends and so on. So in the end you'll only have a few hours a day to come on your secret identity, so to get online at completely random times will be a tough task for some because of that, but for those who have that possibility shouldn't take it for granted.

Your buddies will not be able to determine where in the world you live if you come online at completely random time, with no pattern at all.

Be Ready to Run:

To ellaborate, what I mean here is, if the situation should occur, you have to be able to run and leave everything behind. Think of it like you have a bag under your bed in case someone should track you down, you grab it and some money and take off.

Same exact scenario here. Have your depature ready if necessary.

Now to the Ultimate Advice:

This is something very interesting, and something law enforcement does all the time and it even tricked our old friend Dead Pirate Roberts.

When you have a black market business going or any sort of illegal activity, law enforcement will be watching you and attempt to track you down. But usually you have some buddies to help you run your illegal activity which brings me to the Ultimate Advice.

Don't bring new people close to your business

DPR was approached by a new user on Silk Road and he didnt think any of it and communicated with this individual and forgot that anybody could be sitting on the other end. And Unfortunately for him it was an FBI agent, which is believed to have helped in the arrest of DPR

Regardless, what i'm saying here is, trust the ones you have from the beginning because at some point it'll be dangerous to bring new people in your inner circle.


I don't think I have much more to cover for this series, there might be a some more additional pointers, and i'll put them in the final post.

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can you pls also do how to remain untraced while hacking?I believe that this would be the most important thing.What's the point of doing all that if someone isn't hiding his prints well?You did great lessons,but not enough for someone to be untraced.I would appreciate if you could do one about that.Correct me if i'm wrong or misunderstood it.Thank you

I can cover it, but it's a different area. It's part of the Footprinting and Enumaration along with covering your tracks as you're hacking. It comes down to the recon you've done, so you dont do something that will alert the sys admin

but maybe that admin is good and wants to track me.I want to make that impossible for him.

Hey bud the search feature will serve you quite well. I simply searched how to cover your tracks and those are the top three results. Any variation of that search will result in even more articles.

The people here are awesome. They are helpful, but they expect you to be able to learn on your own. There is no one set way to cover your tracks In most cases it is a combination of things. Take the time to read and learn. If you have done something and need an immediate fix, then you should not have jumped the gun bud.

Thanks "bud",but i already studied from these before and I admit it's still helpful but it's not specifically what i need.I am gonna say it for the 4th time.I want my public ip to be hidden in the malware..Cause i am doing this outside the lan.Let's say the virus is detected and the admin wants revenge.What will i do after?The tutorials u showed are useful when the virus is undetected already.I am learning on my own but they also didn't do Q&A for nothing.So by learning i'm gonna have also to ask some questions shouldn't I?It's like the math teacher explaining a lesson to you and you couldn't understand it properly,Won't you have to ask her?

it's impossible to be untraceable. Your best option is to be more skilled than the admin.

well not really untraceable..But as i asked for 2 times till now,the third time here..How can i make a malware and making it hard to be traced.Like instead of your public ip vpn or proxy,etc..

write your own malware. Re-encode the payload and algorithm. OTW has made some tutorials on that.

and what if it would still be detected?That's why i need to hide my ip

There's no "hide an IP in a program" option. As soon as your program connects to an outside host, it will be in plain sight in monitoring programs such as Resource Monitor. The only way is to not reveal your IP to the victim is for you and your program to connect back to a common host. When connecting to the host, all the victim can see is the host's IP. You will be connected to the host as well (obviously you'll need some kind of proxy service to conceal your IP to prevent traces) and from there you can retrieve information from your program or control it.

so let's say u would hack someone and u know it's risky u would still do one from the stated above?Are you sure these are the only options possible or only options you know?

Think of it like this, if you sent a random person a post card and hide/encrypt the sender's adress, then how is that person supposed to send a card back?. In every internet packet, source IP and destination IP are necisarry. Sure you can spoof the source IP, but don't expect to get any info back from the target. You could ofcourse write an exploit that uses spoofed source IP and let it install a RAT on the server, however this really hard to get done right using TCP since you have to get the handshake right and most network-aware applications use TCP. Besides, the moment you connect to the RAT, the internet traffic will again be tracable. As others have said, you might want to use a VPN / Proxy, or even several of them, but then again, if it's the feds that try to trace you instead of the admin, then most VPN's and Proxies, will just give up the info they have on you, what might be the case though is that they will slow down this process of giving up the information as much as possible in which case using multiple VPN's and Proxies, while also using a hacked Wifi and with a MACchanger (spoofer) runningo n your pc, you'd be practicly unfindable.

To hide your ip you need to have a vpn or proxy. there is no other way around it.

if you want to send malware undetected you need to either disable the victims AV and firewall to be certain or write your own malware.

If the malware is sent undetected you dont have to worry about your ip being exposed. Of course it depends on whom you are sending the malware to.

do some more re-search you clearly need more intel before engaging in whatever you're about to do.

ok you got me wrong again.I wanted to hide the ip in the malware.So when if it gets detected it won't show your original one.You can't know whether it will get detected or not.It is risky.

what your maybe needing to look into a little more is tor. its pretty slow but does the trick of keeping your tracks off from stuff you send and receive. just always be sure your staying anonymous because even if your using tor client it doesnt guarantee that your identity is hidden.

Fantastic Article, but is it not DREAD Pirate Roberts? (Not Dead?) I might have missed something, but that's what I thought it was.

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