How To: Learn to Code for Work or Play with This Informative & Fun Bundle

Learn to Code for Work or Play with This Informative & Fun Bundle

There's never been a better time to learn to code. If picking up this crucial skill has been on your bucket list, the Interactive Learn to Code Bundle can get you up to speed.

Whether you want to learn to code for fun or you're eyeing a career change, these 9 courses available in this bundle make sure you know the ins and outs of SQL, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, BootStrap, and more. And though they'd usually all retail for $112, they're available now at 73% off for only $29.99.

With courses geared toward beginners, you don't need any prior coding knowledge to jump right in and get started. Pick up skills from scratch, including SQL, which is vital for those hoping to carve out a career as a business or data analyst, system administrator, QA specialist, project manager, or tech support specialist.

The courses include interactive step-by-step tutorials since many people learn by doing. You'll build websites and gain knowledge while having fun, not via boring static classes that feel like traditional schools. Learn Java, Bootstrap, and Python in the most exciting way possible, while building things from scratch and picking up the skills in an exciting way.

Ready to become a real coder? The Interactive Learn to Code Bundle is available now for the amazing price of just $29.99 today.

Price subject to change.

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I found you (Null-Byte) and this site through one of your YouTube vids. I was blown away! I had no clue what you were talking about except for the gist of the topic. I even purchased a book you recommended by Michael Bazzell - to try to learn about OSINT. But I'm such a Noob I probably shouldn't even turn on a computer! My biggest struggle is when following instructions on downloading and installing programs, is if something doesn't happen that I'm supposed to "see" , I figure oh crap!, I've screwed it up - and I don't know even how to check! Most of the time I just repeat the steps to see what happens. (Probably not a good idea either). Anyway, I appreciate all the hard work you put into teaching and posting. I do have one very important question to ask - but can't find the way to just contact you to ask. Is it possible to "email" a quick issue "question"? It's the reason I watched and bought the book! I'd appreciate it. Thanks again - and sorry to bore everyone who understands all this. Like I said, I should be kept away from electronics in general.


You can email

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