How To: Learn How Elliot from Mr. Robot Hacked into His Therapist's New Boyfriend's Email & Bank Accounts (Using Metasploit)

Learn How Elliot from Mr. Robot Hacked into His Therapist's New Boyfriend's Email & Bank Accounts (Using Metasploit)

Social engineering is a pretty important item in a hacker's toolkit.

In Mr robot there was a time, we saw Elliot using social engineering to gain access to his therapist's boyfriend's email and bank accounts by calling him and pretending to be someone from his bank, then Elliot asked him for some info that were really useful to gain access to his account, the target believed to be someone from the bank and gave him the info Elliot was looking for.

But How Is It in the Real World?

Gathering information about a target remotely is easy, but learning about the person behind the screen is important too. You can't always gather that information by just googling or using website offering info about people or institutions, sometimes you have to get this info directly from the user,in the real world, Bazzell said, most breaches we hear about start with social engineering. He said they usually occur through a malicious email or by tricking an employee, so this is what are we going to learn today.

What Are We Going to Do?

Today i'm going to show you how you can trick an employee to give you all the info to successfully hack the company, using metasploit and softphone.

Introduction about SIP and voip

Due to its increasing reliability and accessibility, in recent years, internet telephony technology has become a plausible choice for many businesses, allowing them to cut down on their communication costs whilst enjoying a rich communication experience.

SIP and VoIP provide the foundations for IP technology. Both technologies provide ample benefits and opportunities for the user to save money whilst increasing their productivity. Each protocol has pros and cons, and they are often used together.

All of us were already at least once in life been in an office, and we noticed the presence of one or more landline telephones, mainly in the area of customer service, but these days most companies no longer use those landline telephones, instead companies have adapted the use of ip phones (SIP,VOIP), which are sometimes free(SKYPE) and can be accessed anywhere in the world , all you need is the public SIP address that follows you much like your email address would. It doesn't really matter where you are or what device you use; as long as you're logged in (registered), SIP communications will be redirected to your current location.

Session Initiation Protocol, (SIP), is a powerful and efficient communications protocol which can be used to send multimedia messages to multiple parties - allowing people around the world to communicate over the internet using their computers and mobile devices

Voice over IP (VoIP) is a methodology and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet.

For more info about these protocols you can google it in case you don't understand them.


For this example we are going to use google as target company, but you could change google to the name or domain of your target company or entity, Softphone as our voip phone also called ip phone, and metasploit to create a fake SIP invite request making the targeted device ring and display fake caller id information, because in the real world users would believe only trusted caller(But for some people you dont even need all this process).

Before we start a softphone is a software program for making telephone calls over the Internet using a general purpose computer, rather than using dedicated hardware. The softphone can also be installed on a piece of equipment such as a workstation, portable computer, tablet or even a cellphone and allows the user to place and receive calls without requiring an actual telephone set, at its available for linux too, enough theory for today fire up your kali linux and download softphone

apt-get install sflphone-gnome
As you can see from the below pic, i have already downloaded the softphone, skip it in case you have it too.

Once yo done downloading you can access the softphone by navigating through applications--->usual applications--->internet and you will see the softphone installed there, just click on the icon to open it(lol i bet you already know how to open programs).

When you open it for the first time, you will be prompted with a screen like the one below, for now just set everything as below and click next

Now when you get the phone on your screen go to edit-->accounts---> and choose "ip2ip" click on edit and choose advanced

On network interface choose your network interface and leave the port as default, in my case i'm using eth0 as interface, you can choose any.

For now we are done configuring our ip phone.

The Hack

We will be using metasploit to hack our softphone, this is intended for users that knows how to use metsploit.

The module we will use will create a fake SIP invite request making the targeted device ring and display fake caller id information.

The commands:
use auxiliary/voip/sip_invite_spoof

To see the options(please don't copy it, its not a command simply to economize time)

Understanding the Module

The DOMAIN is the sip domain, in our case as we will be working locally, we can just skip it, it could be something like google, wonderhowto or any other as long they have a sip domain.

The EXTENSION is the target identity inside the network, record for SIP does the same thing as a mail exchange record for email,lets say the sip domain is google, the extension of a target could be something like

The MSG is the spoofed caller id to send in our case we will pretend we are from the it department of google

The RHOSTS is the target ip, in my case my softphone is installed in my localhost with the ip

The SRCADDR is the spoof call sip address, in our case it will be, to make the target(employee fro google in our case) thinking that its coming from google it department.

When we run it we will receive a call apparently coming from google it department, but it was just a spoofed identity as we can see from the below pic.

Of course its rare for you to get it working on google, but if you can try in some other companies or entities, all you need is just their voip ip address or you can just be in the same network and scan for ip with the following open ports : 5060, 5070, 10000-65535 default ports for a lot of voip services.

You can see that our softphone use the port 5060

Another thing you could do as well is to send an invitation over all the ip on the network, you just need to set the RHOSTS to a range of the ip on the target network in my case it could be

Once it finds an ip running sip on 5060 it then send an invitation as you can see from the above pic, this time we send an invitation over the network

What Now? How Can I Get Someones Email, or Bank Account Passwords with This?

Now its all about social engineering, once the user accepts the call use your best to trick him to give the info you are looking for.

In our example using google you could say that you are recently working on some new security app for google employees and would like to update employee's data, with more time you can figure out exactly what to say to gain access of their account, because they will think you are working in the it department of google, they might or not give you info, but its all about good talking.

Just like Elliot did, we could call to the target bank and pretend we are from It department and we would like to get some info about an user(our target) and so on...

Thats all for now, if i did mistake any thing or you would like to add your opinion, such as how you would trick the employee you are welcome...

see you soon and happy hacking...

Hacked by Mr__Nakup3nda

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This is very cool.

Can you only spoof IP addresses to domains with softphones installed or is there another possible way to send this same metasploit command to an actual smartphone?

Thanks! - Cameron

As the module says, we can use it for voip and sip technology , not only softphones,, softphones are sometimes part of VoIP technology. It allows users to communicate from computer to computer using either a physical system that both people have or through a software program that's been installed. Skype and other similar programs could be considered soft programs ,there are a bunch of other voip phones out there, nowadays a lot of companies use ip phones(voip),.

If the smartphone has any of this technology you can use this module but it does not work with a normal phone

Hacked by Mr__Nakup3nda

An interesting thing to note is that smartphones using the voice over LTE (or soon Voice over wifi) technology, will in some cases use Voip to communicate. So in the future, this kind of thing might work on smartphones

Great topic!
Is there a way to do it on a normal phone ?

How to find a SIP domain of any company or server.
Is there any way?

i never heard about any tool to find it, and its pretty easy to do such a tool,but what you can do for now is to scan their network for ip with the following open ports : 5060, 5070, 10000-65535 default ports for a lot of SIP services

Hacked by Mr_Nakup3nda

I get this (even using sudo):

" Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package sflphone-gnome "

Nice tutorial!

is that true guys

But, like in the show you would have to be a complete idiot to give your security answers, e.g. "What's your dogs name?" ... If someone from an I.T. department calls you and starts asking you answers to your security questions for your account recovery would you really answer? If you do you kind of deserve to be hacked. I don't even use security questions and if it is required I usually just fill with random characters like "as!!!ugfajsagAG?#?@#?^%$jskafgsjkg8afASG^&#%@#^@)()(Agawg".

nice that is wonderful

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