How To: Learn the Essential Skills to Start a Career in IT with This Affordable Online Training

Learn the Essential Skills to Start a Career in IT with This Affordable Online Training

If you've tossed around the idea of turning your interest in white hat hacking into a career in cybersecurity or IT, now's as good as time as ever to invest some time and energy into improving your skill set.

Companies of all sizes hire IT specialists who can install servers, troubleshoot connections, implement security parameters, and more, and they're paying these professionals handsomely for their services. According to CareerBuilder, IT specialists make an average of $81,000 per year, and it only goes up with experience and specializations.

Given the popularity of the field, you'll need to have the right certifications and training on your résumé if you want to stand out amongst other applicants. Null Byte is an excellent resource for studying up on various skills and improving your craft. Still, a credited certification could be a difference-maker in the eyes of recruiters. CompTIA is considered the gold standard certification provider in the industry and is a great place to focus your attention.

CompTIA is self-described as "the world's leading tech organization" and offers 13 certifications and exams. Its entry-level certification, CompTIA A+, will validate that you have foundational IT knowledge that qualifies you for many jobs. In contrast, its broad spectrum of professional certifications helps solidify any specialization you may choose to pursue, such as cybersecurity or IT infrastructure.

No matter the path you decide to take, to complement what you've learned on Null Byte already, the Complete 2020 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle will be a great learning resource as you start your exam prep. With most of the CompTIA certification exams costing over $200 each, you'll want to have all the help you can get before you spend thousands of dollars taking all the necessary exams. And if you have no interest in earning CompTIA certs, the courses in the bundle will at least help you better understand some of the more advanced hacks on Null Byte.

The training bundle comes with 14 courses and is currently available for $69 — over 95% off its usual price — a tiny fraction of what you'd pay for an equivalent in-class education. With 14 courses and over 300 hours of expert-led content, this extensive training package includes coursework for the following certifications: CompTIA A+, Network+, Server+, Linux+, Cloud+, Project+, Security+, CySA+, CASP+, and PenTest+ certifications.

CompTIA Paths

Like CompTIA A+, Network+ is considered a core certification path for both cybersecurity and IT infrastructure careers. You'll want to start with these core certifications before moving onto more specific specializations.

Security+ is required for IT professionals looking to perform core security functions in cybersecurity positions. The PenTest+ exam focuses on your abilities in penetration testing vulnerability management. You'll be expected to not only exploit weaknesses in the network but identify and manage them. If you're interested in diving into more detail on some of the hacks you read about on Null Byte, you'll definitely enjoy these courses.

Server+ and Linux+ are more relevant to infrastructure-focused IT professionals and will prepare you to work in infrastructure centers or pursue an in-demand career in cloud computing. But Linux+ could also be of interest if you find some of our Linux-based how-tos daunting, and it would help you out with Kali Linux.

There's also a course that's dedicated to prepping you for the latest CompTIA CASP+ certification. That exam will show employers that you possess extremely advanced skills in a variety of risk-management scenarios, which will help you and your team navigate a wide range of conventional IT and security problems. Some of those skills include implementing cryptographic techniques, such as blockchain, and the Core Blockchain is a great companion course. Overall, this is a great path if you prefer to remain immersed in the technology rather than managing as your career progresses.

On the other hand, if you do prefer management, the Project+ certification will prepare you to apply project management skills in the IT space to manage projects big and small.

Each course offers an expansive overview of the specialty you're preparing for, along with more specific elements of how to earn the certification. And there are plenty of real-world examples and practice questions to ensure that there aren't any surprises when it comes time to sit for the real thing.

There's a lot to process there, but you'll have lifetime access to all of the courses so you can switch paths as much as you want as your career progresses. Usually priced at over $3,000, this invaluable training is on sale for just $69 — over 95% off its usual price. Take advantage of the deal and the opportunity to start a career you're passionate about. (Or at least, to fine-tune your Null Byte skills.)

Prices are subject to change.

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