How To: Learn Java, C#, Python, Redux & More with This $40 Bundle

Learn Java, C#, Python, Redux & More with This $40 Bundle

If you're a frequent Null Byte reader, chances are you're already up to speed with at least one or two programming languages or development platforms. But in a world that's becoming increasingly reliant on high-powered apps and responsive websites, knowing the fundamentals of just a few go-to programming languages isn't going to cut it if you want to be competitive and successful.

The Software Developer Certification Bundle can help round out your programming and development knowledge by introducing you to some of the industry's most relied-upon and in-demand coding languages and tools, and right now the entire training package is on sale for over 95% off at just $39.99.

With nine courses and over 400 lessons that can be accessed on all of your devices 24/7, this extensive training package will introduce you to both the fundamentals and more nuanced elements of essential development tools including Java, C#, Python, Redux, and much more.

Through over 40 hours of training, you'll learn how to build entire networking infrastructures using a combination of C# and the .NET framework, as well as how to utilize commands in console programming, build cross-platform apps by integrating Objective-C with Swift, create pro-level iOS and Android apps through hands-on tutorials, and more.

One of the bundle's courses even focuses on the immensely popular and powerful Python programming language. With nearly 60 lessons, this course will teach you how to apply Python to a wide variety of fields and industries, ranging from data mining and web development to algorithm-building and cybersecurity.

Expand your programming and development know-how with the Software Developer Certification Bundle while it's available for just $39.99 — over 95% off the MSRP for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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Cover photo by Joshua Aragon/Unsplash

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