How To: Links to Help You Hacking

Links to Help You Hacking

This is a collection of various guides and tools available on the internet. Instead of searching for 1 you can easily find whaht your looking for here.

LAST UPDATED : Monday, 08/06/2015


This is my first post so please bear with me if anyone else had already posted something like this previously as i could not find one ;(

So i've compiled a list of all the Study Guide i found and so i've uploaded them to Media Fire for download by you all ;) ( Kind eh xD? ) as i've had lot of troubles searching for each and every thing on the internet.

PLEASE NOTE : There are whole lot more guides available, and i'll update this topic everytime i find new guides. ;)

All files are 100% Virus Free and i'd suggest you to scan for viruses yourself too just in case. If you find any virus with any guide, please reply below and i'll upload a new Virus Free version.

So without any further ado lets go !

  1. CEH v7 Instructor Slides

CEH v7 Instructor Slides are 11 PDF Files for you to learn Complete Ethical Hacking or, refer it side by side when learning. Each file has more than 100 Slides and they also include link to specific tools and softwares for you to use. Size : 170 MB

  1. Ethical Hacking BooksList

The Ethical Hacking Book.

  1. Cheat Sheet #1

This cheat sheet gives you all the commands you need for any part of Computer Forensic or Pentesting to Hacking.

  1. Hackers Dictionary

This is the Hackers Dictionary ( as the name says ) and will help you understand a lot of new tersm you will come to know when hacking. Really usefull ;)

  1. Advanced Pentesting Lab

Thanks to , this will help you to set up your very own advanced pentesting lab !

  1. Cheat Sheet #2

This cheat sheet by pentesting monkey , organizes very well so that you can find out what you are looking for easily. Please note that since all these cheat sheets are old, there is a small possibility that some might not work but always try ;)

  1. Pentest Tools

Thanks to Cybrary for this list of Pentesting and Hacking tools and how to use them.

  1. HackThisSite

HackThisSite is a place where you put your learning and knowledge into test by undertaking various missions.

  1. Kali Linux

Last but not the least, Kali Linux. The most powerfull and advanced Pentesting System. Most of you might be familar with else, just visit the link above ;)

  1. CEH v8 Disks ISO

This CEH v8 disk will provide you the disks you actually get when you undertake the class, but in digital form of ISO's

  1. PwnWiki is a collection TTPs (tools, tactics, and procedures) for what to do after access has been gained.

  1. Cyborg Linux

Just like Kali Linux, there is also another powerfull penetration testing linux called Cyborg. For more information : Click Here !

Please note that, this topic will be constantly updated when-ever i find new tools or links or guides. All the above links are not used for advertising but rather a guide as i've been struggling to find a topic that can help me find what i need.*

If you have any queries or complaints or suggestions please reply below ;)


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Thanks ! useful post


Your welcome, and btw has anyone tried using Cyborgs? I'll try it soon ;).

If anyone has indeed tried it please post your feelings below ;)

-- C1BR0X

Is cyborg a good pen testing OS ?

Yes , it has more tools than Kali and also runs on Ubuntu

Is there a tutorial on all the extra tools ?

Probably I dont know, I'll have to see ;)

Oh yeah forgot to mention thanks for the first link downloaded it came useful to me ARP spoofing SQL injections and alot more are on there also alot of terminlogy

for i posted till basic 7 you can see them but yeah there many tutorials on the web

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