Listen In: Live Social Engineering Phone Calls with Professional Social Engineers

Live Social Engineering Phone Calls with Professional Social Engineers

This is the first official announcement for a new weekly activity on Null Byte for the community to participate in. Starting next week, depending on how much traffic we get doing it, we are going to start doing live social engineering calls via Skype. I've made a list below so that you can get a feel for some of things we'll try to accomplish in these calls.

Common Goals of Social Engineering Calls

  • Scoring needy people free food
  • Manipulating and extending warranties
  • Contracting and haggling cheap services (just for practice)
  • Tricking businesses into revealing personal information about customers
  • Leading retail companies on for a sale to try to reduce prices as low as possible

Listen In: Live Social Engineering Phone Calls with Professional Social Engineers

I hope that these calls will serve as a first-hand guide for everyone to learn more about social engineering. This will serve as a very rare link from the small underground world of the "Fone Phreaks" to you, in hopes of teaching you how a professional social engineer manipulates the human mind to their advantage with ease. This includes what fake names statistically work best, which scenarios, accents the manipulator uses and more.


  • Skype account
  • An IRC client

How Does This Work?

Every Monday night, until we feel like stopping, you can join the IRC channel for an invite to a Skype room filled with professional social engineers! If you're new to IRC, go here to learn how to set it up and use it. If you attend IRC and show interest, you will receive an invite to the chat and conference.

When Does It Start?

Every Monday starting 5 p.m. PST (8 p.m. EST). If you need to convert the time to another time zone, just go to the Time Zone Converter.

PLEASE, arrive on time. You will be left out if you do not arrive on time.


I hope for this to teach you all about the threats and uses of social engineering in the real world. Upon finishing each call, we can post them to YouTube so the rest of the community can hear the devious tactics that went down.

You are free to try a call if you think you are up to it. You will see some really intense stuff and it's not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to hear businesses you interact with often gleefully handing out your personal information on a whim to a person without identity.

Feel free to sign up for calls below.

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Hmm.. That time could actually work..

Could you possibly record them and upload them somewhere? I would really like to watch these but i wouldn't be able to make the time.

Of course dude, we're gonna upload them to YouTube and then post them inside the forums :D.

Sounds like good times and good laughs all over.

Haha, I "accidentally downloaded" some books on industrial espionage and always find the ingenious ways in which people surreptitiously gain access to something! :) I wouldn't be surprised if most major hacks are the result of poor defenses against social engineering. One does not simply walk into Mordor (or secure encrypted servers)?

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