How To: Make Wordlist with Cupp

Make Wordlist with Cupp

hey everyone ,im a newbie here at null byte and i want to say thanks for all the tutorials and information people give me here.

today i thought of showing you guys a tool that i use for making wordlist
probably many of you heard or use it ,named cupp

Step 1:

lets install cupp, currently i have found this link for the tool but if you have other links please share.

first lets make a new directory in desktop:

Step 2: We want to install our tool in the directory we just made

Step 3: This is the final step of installing

Now lets use it to make a wordlist,we have some options but the most attractive is the one that lets you profile the list for your target:

as you see the better the information you have the better the password list will be
here you can see that it actually gives you some sweet options:

Thanks for reading ,im sorry if i have missed something or did something wrong ,please correct me if i did.
I know many of you know this or dont like it very much ,but for those who dont might be pretty usefull.

And again thanks for your time.

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My CUPP tutorial
Phoenix750's CUPP tutorial

Nevertheless, your contribution is valued.

For your next post I would recommend that you delve deeper into the topic. If you wish to set something forth to the community, present it fully or to the extent of your ability.


thanks for your tips,appreciate.

Nice! I was actually searching for something like this recently -- didn't know about this particular tool.

you welcome,thanks for reading.

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