My OS: Bugtraq II Black Widow

Bugtraq II Black Widow

Welcome back my precious hackerians. Today i would like to promote an OS which i have been using for the past couple months. I'm not talking about Backtrack 5 or Kali Linux. Something even more promising:

Bugtraq 2 Black Widow

I'm not going to show you how to install it because that's pretty straightforward. I'm going to tell you about the features it has

I'm using a Ubuntu version running XFCE with a f0x wallpaper

What Are the t00ls?

Well the great bonus of using Bugtraq is that all the tools are already installed. You won't have to install or configure difficult things. Just download and install.

Bugtraq is very useful and comes with a loot of tools. These are the categories:

  • Anonymity & Investigation ==> Proxy's and tools like FBPwn
  • Enumeration ==> Tools for fingerprinting & Recognition
  • Mapping ==> Tools like Nmap, IPscAn
  • Web Auditory ==> Tools like webgOat and zap
  • Vulnerability Detection ==> tools like Cisco, DradiS
  • Pentesting ==> tools like Metasploit, beEF
  • Sniffers ==> tools like Etherape, Wireshark
  • Brute force attack ==> tools like Hydra, John the ripper
  • Communication ==> Bit hard to explain look it up!
  • Malware Laboratories ==> Tools for creating viruses, Trojans & more
  • Anti-malware ==> Protection against all above
  • Forensic Analyses ==> The name says it all
  • Mobile security ==> Whats app hacking, Jail breaking, Rooting
  • Bugtraq-t00ls ==> Tools made by the Bugtraq Developers

What Is So Special About Bugtraq?

First of all, you can not only choose between different desktop environments but also between Different OS's. For example, There are three options. Either Ubuntu based, Debian based or OpenSuse based.

Then there are also different desktop environments like GNOME, KDE and XFCE.

This is already a lot of customization available for you'r OS! It also comes with a Kernel developed by the Bugtraq team.

Why Ubuntu & XFCE?

That's an easy one. I choose Ubuntu for the Ubuntu store. But also
because i really love Ubuntu. It's a great OS. And it's perfect for me!

This desktop Environments can run both GNOME & KDE widgets and be customized to look just the same as on of those two. It's also very fast! and smooth!

Final Notes

That's it for me. Bugtraq is absolutely awesome. Just check it out at Their official website. To top it of for you'r guys there's an intro video embedded below. And to all of you promising hackerians out there; USE BUGTRAQ

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Which One is more secure with anonymity Tails or Bugtraq 2

That's an easy to answer question. It depends on how you setup you'r security & anonymity software. My choice would be Bugtraq. Because it comes with software such as

> I2P
> JonDo
> Tor
> Anonymizer

And all kinds of tools to keep you anonymous!
I hope that this answers your question. (If not please reply!)


just saw this gonna get try it in vmware ;)

bugtraq is much more fun than backtrack or kali.

i have a question for anyone that uses Bugtraq 2 Black Widow. I downloaded the iso and am using the live through a flash drive on my laptop and for some reason it wont let me connect to the wifi that my house has. I've been using Kali Linux iso live through my flash drive and I have had no problem with connecting to my wifi on the same laptop. I have like 3 or 4 iso linux distros on my flash drive and all work great when using them except for the Bugtraq 2 black Widow. Please Help. send me comments about it.

Thanks in advance

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