How To: Open .Rar Archive in One Click

Open .Rar Archive in One Click

There are a lot of programs which allow opening archives. Alas, most of them are rather complicated to use. The process of opening of the archive often takes much time. Hopefully, there are some applications which are simpler to use for regular uers.

B1 Free Archiver is a powerful and easy tool to open and create archives. You can download it at for free. The installation is very simple - you don't need to register anywhere or verify any accounts. B1 is fully functional and can be used on any computer or laptop.

B1 Free Archiver works with most popular archive formats. It's a single utility for almost all archives you will ever need. Although there are a lot of functions and features, B1 stays extremely simple to use and never bothers you with unnecessary stuff. It takes just a few clicks to extract files or to create new archive.

Download B1 Free Archiver for free at (versions for Mac and Linux are available too). Then install it on your computer or laptop. Installation takes just a few clicks, no registration is required. Launch B1 Free Archiver from the "Start" menu. If you cannot find B1 icon in the "Start" menu, type "B1" in the search field below.

Step 1: Extract Files into Current Folder

Let's take "birthday party.rar" archive. Right-click on it to open context menu. Select "Extract here" option in the context menu to unrar files from the "birthday party.rar" archive.

Wait a few moments...

That's it. All photos are extracted to the same folder, you can view them as usually.

Step 2: Unrar Files into New Folder

Sometimes it's more convenient to unrar files into separate folder, especially when there are many files in the archive. It's easier to find and view them later and avoid a mess in the original folder. It's still one click, but instead of "Extract here" select "Extract to..." from the same menu.

The simplest way is to choose default folder which has the same name as the RAR archive. In our example, it's "birthday party". With this option all photos are extracted from rar archive into new separate folder with name "birthday party".

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