How To: Proof of Social Engineering Success!

Proof of Social Engineering Success!

Proof of Social Engineering Success!

Just showing off the successful social engineering results. Make sure that if you used the guide, post back here with a picture of whatever you bought!

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Thank you, good sir ^_^.

The BEST reason to come to the USA :D
Fabulous *.* !

Well isn't that just the prettiest thing created. o:

What I do is exploit Best buys no lemon policy. If theres a week or two where you dont need your laptop force a hardware failure (dont make it obvious you caused it) send it via best buys RMA and on the 4th one you get a brand new laptop with comparable specs to the one you had. Every 2 years I get a brand new laptop. I went from a gaming laptop without an i series processor to a i7 gaming laptop this year and I had to pay a $2 tax difference.

I would love to learn more about this. I've not heard of this one before :). Visit IRC?

I don't get what's so scummy about it. Considering that most pre-built systems are sold at almost 150% margin, the vendors are the one's who are ripping you off. By that logic, if you just exploit their returns policy to avoid paying shedloads more money, good on you I say.

you come to a post about Social Engineering. Which in turn is about manipulation of people to get what you want and you call me a scumbag? @alexlong you may reach me on facebook with the same name. I dont frequent IRCs.

Nice :D

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