How To: Proof of Social Engineering Success!

Proof of Social Engineering Success!


Thank you, good sir ^_^.

The BEST reason to come to the USA :D
Fabulous *.* !

Thankies :D/

Well isn't that just the prettiest thing created. o:

What I do is exploit Best buys no lemon policy. If theres a week or two where you dont need your laptop force a hardware failure (dont make it obvious you caused it) send it via best buys RMA and on the 4th one you get a brand new laptop with comparable specs to the one you had. Every 2 years I get a brand new laptop. I went from a gaming laptop without an i series processor to a i7 gaming laptop this year and I had to pay a $2 tax difference.

I would love to learn more about this. I've not heard of this one before :). Visit IRC?

I don't get what's so scummy about it. Considering that most pre-built systems are sold at almost 150% margin, the vendors are the one's who are ripping you off. By that logic, if you just exploit their returns policy to avoid paying shedloads more money, good on you I say.

you come to a post about Social Engineering. Which in turn is about manipulation of people to get what you want and you call me a scumbag? @alexlong you may reach me on facebook with the same name. I dont frequent IRCs.

Nice :D

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