Raspberry Pi: Physical Backdoor Part 1

Physical Backdoor Part 1

This tutorial is one technique to use the full functionality of your Pi. The small size makes it ideal for inside hacks, but still has the capabilities of a average desktop or computer. I should mention that a tutorial that OTW has done, but I'm gonna take it a step further. OTW made a brilliant article, but only touched on the surface of the possibilities. I hope this article will both show you many the possibilities and also allow you to start causing havoc, but I'm planning on making this a mini series within my Raspberry Pi series. So as OTW always says, lets boot up our Kali (Pi in this contact).

Evil Genius Lab

I can not emphasize enough how important it is to be prepared for whatever comes your way, thus your arsenal should consist of:

There's a whole lot more that could be added to this list but these are the ones that I believe are some of the most crucial.


I know that OTW already has done a tutorial about connecting via ncat, but as OTW said:

'Of course, there are other methods to connecting back to the Raspberry Pi. He could use SSH, and if he wanted a GUI, install the VNC Server and connect back to it with full GUI control over Kali. The problem with both of those methods is that they are more likely to be detected by Evil Corporation's perimeter network defenses.'

Thus, ncat is one of the more effective methods to connect to your Pi. But in order to connect you first need to make sure you have ncat installed on both your Pi and also the other computer that we'll be using to connect to your Pi remotely. I'm assuming you have it installed on both systems so now is the time to connect to your Pi, Type:

nc -l -p(port) -e /bin/sh

If successful you should be able to now connect to your Pi from your Kali Linux System... or whatever system you want to use, the point is you would only simple type:

nc (Ip) (port)

If you are successful, congratulations you can now cause havoc. Some of the tools that you can use are:

Pretty much any tool that can run on Kali Linux, but the key is understanding what you want to accomplish and creativity.


Now that we have access to our Pi, lets start to actually start causing havoc. I'm not gonna go into detail on various tools, but the options are litterly limitless. In the near future I am hoping to post several tutorials on hacking with Pi using various tools, but please I should note that I am currently working on several projects at the moment so please be patient with the posting of these tutorials. With that being said please give me some lovins and I would love it if y 'all would please give me suggestions on what I should create tutorials on. Please and Thanks.

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A nice introduction to what could be one of the most versatile devices for hacking out there.
(PS: it's called netcat)


Thank you... my apologies, the name is what I see in my Kali Linux and I do apologies for the 'mis-information'. :)

Nice tutorial, great job :D

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