Real Scenarios #2: The Creepy Teacher [Part 1]

The Creepy Teacher [Part 1]

Your English teacher is a creep.

The way he looks at your girlfriend, the way he always spends ages with the girls in the class going over their work but not the boys, just the way he is.

You want to get rid of him, but you need some proof first.

Step 1: Fire Up Kali

If you can know for sure that he accesses inappropriate content online then you can start to put together a case for firing him.

So let's use this lunchtime to see what he's really up to on his laptop...

Step 2: Find His IP

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You're going to execute a Man In The Middle attack, so let's scan the network using NMap like so:

nmap -sP

-sP means a Ping scan is the range of IP addresses using CIDR notation.

Aha! His laptop that he uses in lesson has a sticker on the lid saying "English 7"!
In the scan report above we can see that english07 has the IP

Step 3: Execute MitM

Now we have his IP we can start our Man In The Middle attack.

First, let's enable IP forwarding so all his traffic can be routed through us. We'll use the echo command to put a "1" in the relevant file to enable the packets to be forwarded.

echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

Now let's use Arpspoof to poison the ARP caches of the school router and his laptop, to intercept all his internet traffic.

Since we need to trick the router and his laptop into thinking we're the other, we need to simultaneously run two arpspoof commmands, so open two terminals and type one of the following in each:

  • arpspoof -t
  • arpspoof -t

Where is his IP and is the IP of the router.

You should see some feedback from arpspoof about what it's doing.

Step 4: Intercept

Now that all his internet traffic is being routed through us, we can see if he's accessing anything inappropriate, so let's open a terminal and type

  • driftnet

which, as I'm sure you can guess, will fire up driftnet. This will allow you to see the images that he's viewing online.

As the images pop up on your screen, you can see that they are most definitely inappropriate for a school teacher! (I won't show you a screenshot as I wouldn't want to contaminate all your your pure minds)

Step 5: Success!

You now know that your teacher is a paedophile.
Next step: expose him!

In part 2 of this tutorial we'll cover how we go about trying to fire him without letting on that we've been sniffing about the school network...

Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading.

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Well writen :)

Once again, well done, linear, descriptive and efficient!

The only thing is, you should try and intercept traffic of the phone, he might not use the public computer for that. Also, MITM should work OK most the sites he might visit, but not on HSTSed google, where you may try DNS modifications.

But giving a context to the story makes my critics not valuable, so: well done!

Little anecdote: I first read this article in English class.
Couldn't help but laugh at the lines
"Your English teacher is a creep."
"Success! You now know your English teacher is a paedophile."

Aside from that, great article, simple, easy to understand und nothing left out. Thank you!

Nice article, Had fun reading it, Keep those coming +1

"(I won't show you a screenshot as I wouldn't want to contaminate all your your pure minds)" To a site of hackers, this made me giggle.

Thanks for the positive feedback.
I'll try to do part 2 as soon as possible but am slightly drowning in work atm so that might not be so soon :P

There is always time, Well anyways we're waiting for it.

I love the realism of this tutorial. Fantastic contribution.

Nice one Ben

arpspoof: couldn't arp for host.
what can I do ?

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