How To: RootKits 101 (I). The Basics

RootKits 101 (I). The Basics


Very thorough and detailed, keep going with this. Regarding the LKM, I think you should dive right into the rootkits, as there are ample tutorials which cover the basics.


Thanks TRT!.

Let's go for the whole thing.

I am looking forward!, great job

Great job!, it's man 5 proc by the way

Thanks for note. For some reason, in my system, there is no other proc page and section 5 opens by default.

Would you advice to get into assembly programming first, or dive straight into this?

Not sure what to answer. I learnt first assembly and it was useful to better understand this. On the other hand, most of the Linux kernel is coded in C (only a small part is in assembly).

I would say you can do and learn a lot just knowing C, so I will leave the assembly for later...

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