How To: Security-Oriented C Tutorial 0xF9 - I Spy with My Little... Program - Keylogging 101

Security-Oriented C Tutorial 0xF9 - I Spy with My Little... Program - Keylogging 101

Yo yo yo, what's goin' on my devilish fiends? Have you come here to learn how to make a keylogger for malicious intent? You sly fox! But in all seriousness, this article will cover quite a simple method for creating the most basic of Windows keyloggers. You're in for a surprise! Let's dive right in!


Alright, let's launch this baby and see our results. (Don't forget to use `color 0a` for fully sick 1337 effect!)

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There you have it folks, our first Windows-specific malware! Although not exactly top-quality, the fundamentals and concepts are still the same.

Regarding the CPU issue, there is a method which can be employed to mislead the victim. Maybe we'll find out how it works... or maybe not! I'll see how it goes. Heh.

Hope you've all enjoyed and stay safe! Don't go screwing your friends or family (or your arch enemy) over with malware, it's not a joke... Be responsible. Don't be that guy... please...

Anyway, until next time, folks!


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Just what I was looking for! Thanks for the great explanation by the way!!

Amazing Work .... Really !!

great article. keep posting good stuff like that.

Is it just me or that article is lacking some parts?

yeah man, only a photo and conclusion !!!!

!!! Where ??

Where is the explanation man? just a pic and conclusion

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